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micheal is actually pronounced as me~kial. gabriel is arch rival as is lucifer to satan. say tan is humans way to pronounce satans name. in dante & virgils 9 fathoms of hell. the photo of the horse men is the two arch angels united for victory vs defeat. "hence"micheal/satan are one. as is luciferis too his darker half. allways bitter rivals. as we enter the chapter 13 of the christian holy bible the scriptures fullfill theme selves up to a certain point. all faiths await this part of profecy. as the beast takes his place or seat of power. let he who hath wisdom decipher the name of this person; he who came before and remains in victory long after the books have opened. and the mighty book of lamb now grown into the mighty ram of( GOD)!.every faith every book bible or prophecy. all too be full filled all at one saith the holy ghost of gosssssssssssss~ple.witchs sinners and saints shall all be there for the final out come. the scripture says time ends we never die. again. those who recieve the pardon from the one hebrews/jews call yohim.or GOD ALmighty.the creator himself. its prophecy in the making.after all books are sealed shut again. anything after amen in our bibles is future history.