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The Ceannt Station Quarter (Irish: Ceathrú Staisiún Cheannt) is a planned urban quarter for the city of Galway, County Galway, Ireland. As the name suggests, the new district will be built around the city's rail station, Ceannt Station, which will itself undergo a major redevelopment as part of the project.


Currently, Ceannt Station takes up an area of 0.99 ha. However, the site takes up an area of 5.97 ha, and the new 'urban quarter' will take up 3.80 ha (64%) of this land while the station will take up 2.17 ha (36%).

Railway station redevelopment[edit]

Ceannt Station will undergo a major redevelopment to make it the most modern transport hub on the island of Ireland. The two railway platforms will be upgraded to three to cope, with the addition of commuter rail services in 2008/09. Bus services also form a major part of this, with 25 bus bays to be positioned next to the rail platforms. A taxi rank will also be located immediately outside the station, and car and bicycle parking will be located near to the station as well. The station will be designed in 'cathedral' style, with a fully glass roof providing natural light as well as heat in the winter months and reducing both in the summer.

Urban Quarter[edit]

The Urban Quarter will take up most (64%) of the site and will be built on what is now derelict railway works. The area will be environmentally friendly and partially (if not fully) self-sufficient, using greywater systems and solar panels as well as architecture to provide both heat and light naturally to areas both outside and inside buildings.

The area will be built outdoors on various levels to maximise the use of space.

The site will be arranged as follows

  • Cultural Facility: 490 square metres.
  • Community facility: 870 square metres.
  • Creche: 1,340 square metres.
  • Fitness centre 1,390 square metres.
  • Public Park: 5,800 square metres.
  • Public Square: 5,870 square metres.
  • Private communal space: 6,540 square metres.
  • Public Streets: 8,030 square metres.
  • Hotel: 15,000 square metres.
  • Commercial (offices): 19,830 square metres.
  • Retail: 32,680 square metres.
  • Residential (573 units): 49,520 square metres.
  • Car Parking: (1,390 commercial, 500 public): 57,350 square metres.

Ceannt chart3.png

In addition, existing buildings, particularly historical ones, will be not demolished but rather redeveloped and made habitable to preserve Galway's existing traditional architecture.

The quarter is a key link in linking Galway's three major bodies of water, Lough Corrib, Lough Atalia and Galway Bay (the harbour).

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