Central Bukidnon Institute

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Central Bukidnon Institute
Central Bukidnon Institute (CBI) - Bagontaas Valencia City Bukidnon.png
Valencia City, Bukidnon

Type Private
Motto Character before Intellect
Established June 1968
School district City of Valencia
President Samuel Orville Jim B. Bulahan
Principal Orville M. Bulahan
Staff 29
Number of students 521
Color(s) Blue, White, Yellow, Green                 
Athletics CBI Torch
Athletics conference CVAPSAA
Affiliation Seventh-day Adventist

Central Bukidnon Institute is a private school located in Bagontaas, Valencia City, Bukidnon. It offers complete secondary course which copes up from first to fourth year high. It serves more than over 300 students primarily from the location itself. Central Bukidnon Institute is owned and operated privately by the OM Bulahan family and is affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. It is one of the prominent self-supporting institutions of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.


Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Gequillana, donated one hectare to the school Central Bukidnon Institute to open its doors on the school year 1967–1968, on its answer to the need of a secondary school. On its first year of opening of the school, it has 75 first year students and 2 teachers, Mr. Orville Bulahan, the present principal of the institution. and Mrs. Polecena Garin-Opao. The school held its first graduation exercises in 1971, with 47 senior students, 4 years after the school opens its doors. The school has a Pathfinder Club which covers up students from the first year and second year.


We believe that each person must face the practical realities of life - its opportunities, its responsibilities, its defects, its successes. How he is to meet this experiences, whether he is to become master or victim of circumstances, depends largely upon his preparation to cope with them - his education. The source of such an education is brought to view in this words of Holy Writ, pointing to the Infinite One: In Him "are hid all treasures of wisdom." (Colossians 2:3) "He hath counsel and understanding, Job 12:13". In a knowledge of God all true knowledge and real development have their source.

Student life[edit]

The school's experience is shaped by many events and extra curricular activities, including the following:

  • Vespers, church, and other worship services
  • Week of Prayer
  • Student Association Days
  • Student Historian Club
  • Breakthrough Science Club
  • School Band
  • Pathfinder Club
  • Choir/CBI Chorale
  • CBI Ensemble
  • CBI Musicals
  • Outreach groups
  • Linggo ng Wika
  • United Nations Celebration
  • Local Science Fair
  • CVAPSAA and City Games
  • Junior and Senior's night

School anthem[edit]

CBI Alma Mater Song

(Words and Music by: Catalino Rama)

"O'er the plains and mountains of fair Bukidnon

Where we hear the sweet strains of youth happy songs;

CBI beams brightly bearing e'er the banner high,

School that prepares for Christ's soon coming;

that leads to home beyond the skies.


CBI dear CBI, Alma Mater thee we praise!

We'll uphold thy standard high! Loyal we shall ever be;

'Tis our hope and prayer God grant thee prosperity,

and our bond shall ne'er be broken 'til we reach eternity!

Oh we love to study of God's Holy Word;

blessed wisdom arms us against the foes of truth;

onward sing with courage, God our Guide beside us stands!

May our school, our Alma Mater

flourish till our race is won!"

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