Centre for Health Protection

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Centre for Health Protection
Centre for Health Protection.svg
Agency overview
Formed 2003 (2003)
Superseding agency
  • None
Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Headquarters Hong Kong
Ministers responsible
Agency executive
Parent agency Department of Health (Hong Kong)
Website www.chp.gov.hk

The Centre for Health Protection (Chinese: 衛生防護中心) is an agency under the Department of Health in Hong Kong and responsible for health and safety.

Established in June 2004 in response to the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong. CHP plays the same role and function as the Centers for Disease Control in the United States, and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in the European Union (EU). The vision of the CHP is to be a centre of excellence in disease prevention and control. Primary mission of the CHP is to achieve effective prevention and control of diseases in Hong Kong in collaboration with major local and international stakeholders.

The CHP is headed by the Controller for the Centre for Health Protection and reports to the Director of the Department of Health. The current Controller is Dr TH LEUNG, JP. There are six branches in CHP:

  • Emergency Response & Information Branch
  • Infection Control Branch
  • Programme Management & Professional Development Branch
  • Public Health Laboratory Services Branch
  • Public Health Services Branch
  • Surveillance & Epidemiology Branch

CHP deals with various health related issues including:

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