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Lai Lok-yi
Chris Lai Lok Yi 2014.jpg
Lai Yat-sing
黎日昇 (Traditional)
黎日升 (Simplified)
Lai4 Jat6 Sing1 (Cantonese)
Lí Rìshēng / Li2 Jih4-sheng1 (Mandarin)

(1980-06-15) June 15, 1980 (age 39)
Years active2003–present
Spouse(s)Nicole Lee
Partner(s)Nicole Lee
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese黎諾懿
Simplified Chinese黎诺懿
Musical career
Also known asChris Lai

Lai Lok-yi (born 15 June 1980) is an actor from TVB, Hong Kong. His real name is Lai Yat Sing and his English name is Chris Lai, better known by his stage name Lai Lok-yi. He is favorited by his numerous starring roles in a string of TVB 's dramas, especially Hearts of Fencing, Who Wants A Baby and sitcom drama Come Home Love.


Lai Lok Yi was born on 15 June 1980 in Hong Kong into a very poor family with 5 members including himself, his parents, a younger brother and a big brother (He is the second child in the family). When he was a child, the whole family lived in a small flat in Hong Kong. His father worked very hard to buy a truck for delivery which helped to improve the life of his family. However, until he was 11 years old, his father died from cancer and after his father's death, his life and his family became worse and worse. His mother worked as an office cleaner and a street vendor to bring up three children. When he was at high school, he started to work part-time jobs to support his family. He worked 3 different jobs in a day when at high school. He even worked as a docker in 2 big supermarkets in Hong Kong, or taught children to earn money.[1]

After graduating from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Yau Tze Tin Memorial College, Lai worked in a bank in Hong Kong. But this job had so many pressures and he resigned. After that, Lai plucked up courage to sign up to attend Hong Kong TVB's Artiste Training School in 2001. After 3 failed interviews, he thought he could not have any chances, but suddenly he was chosen because his face looks like the late music star Danny Chan.[1]


Actor career of Lai Lok Yi is a long way from his early rise to success and long plateau. After making cameo appearances in several dramas, Lai earned his first major supporting role in the sports drama Aqua Heroes while he was still a trainee. He graduated from the school in 2002.[2] In 2003,he then starred in the idol drama Hearts of Fencing, leading a cast consisting entirely of rookies. Back then, when he debuted, he was grouped with fellow actors Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan and Kenneth Ma to make up the “Olympic Six”. While the other five in the group have already reached male lead status, Lok Yi was still hovering in second and third line roles. People said that TVB did not intend to make his name although Lai Lok Yi had all the fundamentals to become a successful actor with his tall stature and handsome good looks.[3]

Until 2012, sitcom drama Come Home Love gained a big success, and Lai Lok Yi played the main role as John Ma who helped him become famous and gained numerous fans not only in Hong Kong, but in China and other countries in the Southeast Asia area. And then, he also joined in many successful dramas of TVB such as: My Unfair Lady, Daddy Cool, Presumed Accidents, The Tofu War . The main role (Wong Siu Ming) in The Tofu War helped him receive the TVB Anniversary Award for Most Popular Male Character 2017. Who Wants a Baby is the latest drama which he played as the main role. The drama is also successful and his role is favorited by audience. It assists him receive the nomination for Best Actor and Most Popular Male Character in TVB Anniversary Awards in the next year.[3]

The origin of the stage name "Lai Lok Yi"[edit]

His real name is Lai Yat Sing which was named by his late father. The stage name "Lai Lok Yi" was named by his teacher. He chose his name while filling the form of attending the training artist class. He thought that this name will bring him the durability in the career.[1]

Personal life[edit]

In love life, he passed many failures in love due to his background from the low class in Hong Kong. Until 2007, he met Tavia Yeung while shooting the family drama Heart of Greed. They fall in love and became a couple in Hong Kong showbiz for over 3 years regardless of the strong opposition of Tavia 's mother due to the difference between their class and their position in showbiz. However, until the beginning of 2011, they decided to break up because of the appearance of Him Law.[4]

Until the middle of 2011, he started to date with Nicole Lee - a rich heiress of a beauty corporation, with numerous subsidiaries, including 5 “Dr. Renew” skincare clinics, as well as 16 other beauty centers. After 3 years of dating, they celebrated their wedding in November 2014. In 2017, his wife gave a birth of a son and they have a happy family in his flat in Sai Kung District.[5]


Title Year Role Notes
City of Dream 2007
Bad Blood 2010 Jason Lok
Womb Ghosts 2010 Joseph
I Love Hong Kong 2011 FEHD staff Cameo
I Love Hong Kong 2013 2013

Television dramas[edit]

Title Year Role Notes
The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow 2003 Private Investigator
Better Halves 2003 Constable
Virtues of Harmony II 2003 Jackie
The 'W' Files 2003 Japanese soldier (extra)
Survivor's Law 2003 (extra)
Aqua Heroes 2003 Chi Cho-yam
Hearts of Fencing 2003 Au-yeung Yat TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite On-screen Partners – Non-dramas
Triumph in the Skies 2003 office worker (extra) / trainee Episode 24 / Episode 40 (end)
Dream of Colours 2004 Koo Lok-man
Hard Fate 2004 shopper (extra)
To Catch the Uncatchable 2004 Lai Lap-chi
Split Second 2004 Dick Kur Kin-fung
ICAC Investigators 2004 2004 Inspector Arthur Kwok Chi-hei
Always Ready 2005 Kelvin Chiang Ka-lok
Safe Guards 2006 Sheung Yee
Welcome to the House 2006 Ma Tak-on
Land of Wealth 2006 Cho King-yin
Forensic Heroes 2006 Chan Man-tik Episodes 1–2
Glittering Days 2006 James Chu Wing-hong Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste (Top 5)
Ten Brothers 2007 Thousand Mile Eye / Brother One Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste (Top 5)
Heart of Greed 2007 Tong Chi-foon Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor (Top 20)
Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste (Top 5)
The Green Grass of Home 2007 Choi Kar-po Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Male Artiste (Top 5)
Fathers and Sons 2007 Ben Lui Kar-sing
The Building Blocks of Life 2007 Choi Chi-yin
Forensic Heroes II 2008 Lee Chi-wai Episodes 20–22
Speech of Silence 2008 Cheung Yau
Moonlight Resonance 2008 Gan Wing-yuen
The Beauty of the Game 2009-10 Deacon Chong Tik-kan
In the Eye of the Beholder 2010 Ching-tak Emperor
Every Move You Make 2010 Mak Wing-hei
Twilight Investigation 2010 Yau Sum-kit
Only You 2011 "King" Cheung King-yuen Nominated — My AOD Favourites Award for My Favourite Promising Actor
The Other Truth 2011 Danny Mo King-yip
The Life and Times of a Sentinel 2011 Kei Man-cheong (youth) Episode 1
Forensic Heroes III 2011 Vic Mak Wing-fu Episodes 1–3
Daddy Good Deeds 2012 Chan Lap-shun
King Maker 2012 Chiu Yu-yui, Prince Wing
Come Home Love 2012-15 Ma Chong, John Sitcom
Ruse of Engagement 2014 Fu Wang Leung
Presumed Accidents 2016 Mantus Chuk Sing-yeung
My Unfair Lady 2017 Hanson Ho Ji Chiu
The Tofu War 2017 Samuel Wang Siu Ming Won -TVB Anniversary Award for Most Popular Male Character
Daddy Cool 2018 Gordon
Who Wants A Baby 2018 Elvis
  • 1st Male Lead 第一男主角
  • Pairs up with Ali Lee
Agent C9 2019

Music video appearances[edit]

  • 2003: "Fong Sang" (放生) by Jade Kwan
  • 2003: "Tung Yau Ji Chui" (痛由自取) by Yumiko Cheng
  • 2005: "San Sai Kai" (新世界) by 2R
  • 2005: "Rolls-Royce" by Denise Ho
  • 2005: "Tei Ping Sin" (地平線) by Ella Koon
  • 2006: "Sam Sang Yau Hang" (三生有幸) by Ronald Cheng
  • 2006: "December Rain" by Rain Li
  • 2008: "Jui Mei Lai Tik Tai Chat Tin" (最美麗的第七天) by Vincy Chan
  • 2008: "Sui Sin Mo Cheung Ngor Jeh Yeung Keung Tik Yan" (誰羨慕像我這樣強的人) by Theresa Fu
  • 2008: "Yee Yan Sai Kai" (二人世界) Linda Chung
  • 2009: "I'm Sorry" by Charlene Choi

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