Lí (surname 黎)

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For other Chinese surnames also romanized as "Li", see Li (surname).
Li (黎)
黎姓 - 楷体.svg
Li surname
Romanization Lê, Le (Vietnamese)
Language(s) Chinese
Language(s) Old Chinese
Other names
Derivative(s) Lai

(Chinese: ) is a Chinese surname.[1][2] It is most common in Central and South China (including Hong Kong) where it is transliterated as Lai or Lye (from Cantonese), and is one of the four most common surnames among ethnic Vietnamese people, which in the Vietnamese language is . It is listed 262nd in the Song Dynasty classic Hundred Family Surnames.[3]

In the Vietnamese, some Chinese Li (黎) families changed their surname to Vietnamese or Hồ (胡). Later one such family started the Hồ dynasty.


Around the Yangtze River, any Jiuli (九黎) people got surname Li (黎) as a tribal name. In Ancient China, descendants of Shaohao were surnamed Li (黎) on Licheng County (黎城). During the Xia Dynasty, descendants of Emperor Yao were surnamed Li (黎) in Licheng County (黎城).

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