Dalek War

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Dalek War
Album cover
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Dalek Empire
Release no. 5-8
Written by Nicholas Briggs
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Produced by Nicholas Briggs
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Length 70 minutes

Dalek War is a Big Finish Productions audio drama series based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.


Dalek War follows the events of Project Infinity, in which the Daleks find themselves at war with a race of seemingly peace-loving Daleks from another universe. Led by The Mentor, these Daleks ally themselves with the humans against the "Enemy Daleks" of our universe. Nevertheless, Kalendorf almost immediately suspects his new allies of being as sinister as the Daleks of his own universe. Desperately, he forms a plan, one that may rid the galaxy of both Daleks.