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Danilo Gentili
Birth name Danilo Gentili Jr.
Born (1979-09-27) September 27, 1979 (age 37)
Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil
Medium Stand-up, television, film, books
Nationality Brazilian
Years active 2005–present
Genres Sketch comedy, observational comedy, political satire, social satire
Notable works and roles CQC
Agora É Tarde
The Noite com Danilo Gentili
Website danilogentili.com

Danilo Gentili Jr.[1][2] (born September 27, 1979) is a Brazilian comedian, host, writer, cartoonist, photographer, and businessman. He is part of the "next gen of humorists" and is known as one of the pioneers of Brazilian stand-up comedy, gaining country wide recognition in the TV show CQC, aired by Band network.

Also at Band, the comediant created and hosted Agora É Tarde (2011-2013), a late-night talk show, and later in SBT network, a talk show The Noite com Danilo Gentili(2014-today), aired into this day.

At 2016 the show Entubados debuted at Sony.

Early life[edit]

Guiomar Gentili´s younger son with a housewife born at Minas Gerais, Danilo Gentili Jr. Italian descendent whose Grandfather, Ulderico Gentili, was a church painted who escaped from Italy to São Paulo during the World War II.

Raised in a slum tenement at Parque das Nações, in Santo André outskirts, where he lived until moved to São Paulo. At 18, lost his father to a heart attack. Six months later, his older, Karina Gentili, died at a car accident.

In 2003, Gentili graduated in Social Communication - Advertising at UniABC.[1]


Early career[edit]

In 2006 he founded a comedy show called Comedia ao Vivo,.[2] That same year, he joined the Stand-Up Comedy group Clube da Comédia.

In 2007, a producer from the soon-to-premier "CQC" show was watching his stand-up show at a bar and asked him to audition for the show. He got the job and in 2008 the show aired and changed his life.

From 2008–2009, he wrote a column on Mondays for one of the newspapers with more printed issues in Brazil, Metro.

In 2008 he collaborated with the comedy magazine, Mad.

He owns, in partnership with Rafinha Bastos and Ítalo Gusso, a comedy club called Comedians, located at Rua Augusta, in São Paulo, where famous and amateurs stand-up comedians presents themselves.[7]



In 2008, Danilo Gentili premiered on TV with a show called Custe o que Custar (CQC), on TV Bandeirantes. On his first interview, he put his guest, the singer Agnaldo Timóteo, in an awkward situation with all his nonsense questions and the guest left in the middle of the interview. That paid off. It was a big hit. What was supposed to be a temporary job for Danilo, turned out to be his great starting point on TV.

The show became famous due to "Inexperienced Reporter" (Reporter Inexperiente), a part of the show where Danilo pretended to be a newbie interviewing guests and asking them all kinds of nonsense questions. After a while he started doing more than that on the show. So he stood out on CQC interviewing people all over, especially about politics. At the Congress he became that reporter that every politician was afraid of. They tried to avoid being ridiculed when faced with his questions and being confronted with truths (which the viewers themselves would like to do so).

During the CQC Season of 2010/11, Danilo Gentili was conducting segments on the show called "Protest Now" and "National Identity" and also the main national political events.

In the years Danilo was covering stories in the National Congress, he starred in what later became newsworthy stories, i.e. he was kicked out of the Nacional Congress and banned from returning due to his questions on the chamber's president corruption charges, he was later physically assaulted by a senator's bodyguard and in another story he was held prisoner by the police after exposing a public school's administration problems.

On the last episode of the 2011 season, Danilo said his goodbye to the show so he could dedicate 100% of himself to his new project, the talk show Agora é Tarde. At the occasion, he was honored by the show, which he was a part of for 4 seasons.

Agora é Tarde[edit]

Host and co-creator of the late-night show Agora é Tarde (It's too late). This late-night talk show premiered June 2011 on TV Band and got high ratings and great reviews.

The show premiered with great ratings and reviews, both from the media and from the viewers.

The show has Ultraje a Rigor as the supporting band, has comedy segments, stand-up monologue, round-table with comedians talking about recent news and Brazilian stars as the main guests.

The media doubted the politically incorrect boy of possibly becoming one of the biggest hosts in Latin America, but since the show started, its viewers increased in 200% the network's ratings for that time slot.

The Noite[edit]

Gentili is the host and creator of this late-night show on the SBT channel. It increased the audience for this slot by 200% and beat the #1 channel in Brazil several times.


Agora é Tarde was chosen by the newspaper O Globo as "Best 2011 TV Show" and Danilo Gentili, the 'Best TV Show Host';[3] It was also chosen by the Brazilian Press Association as the 'Best Talk Show' in the 2012 edition of the awards.

Os Fatos Espetaculares do Ano[edit]

Danilo Gentili created and host this comic retrospective quizz about 2012 news highlights. First aired on TV Band on 18 December 2012.[4]

Stand-up comedy[edit]

Politically Incorrect[edit]

In 2010, the day before election day, Danilo wrote and presented a stand-up show talking about every single presidential candidate that year and broadcast it live on Brazil's biggest internet portal (UOL) with an audience of 1.5 million viewers. The show and Danilo hit the top 3 Trending Topics on Twitter and there they stood for 2 days in a roll. The show turned into a DVD, an audiobook and a book and got worldwide comments by The New York Times (USA) and The Guardian (England).

Danilo Gentili: Volume 1[edit]

Considered a great surprise for the Brazilian comedy, Danilo sees the world in a very peculiar way. With a humorous and critical view of events, he builds his shows from the common life: personal frustrations, relationships, politics, current events, unusual facts and even the most trivial things, everything becomes raw material for his funny and clever work. Danilo Gentili naturally seem to know the recipe of the genre: originality, surprise, charisma and connection with the audience, these are the perfect ingredients for a good dose of humor, the one of the best medicine there is. After years of performing in bars and theaters, Danilo selected the tested and approved material by his audience and put together an 1-hour solo show and recently has documented that show so it will come out as a DVD later 2011.[5]

International coverage[edit]

The New York Times In 2011 Danilo Gentili was mentioned in The New York Times for his comedy work in Brazil. About him, The New York Times wrote:

"Supplying Brazil’s Laugh Track" - With his baby face, boyish manner and goofy laugh, Mr. Gentili, 32, is the enfant terrible of comedy in Brazil. He has built his reputation on a willingness to ask celebrities — and especially politicians — questions that are considered embarrassing, outrageous or disrespectful. Recently he also got himself into trouble with a Twitter post that enraged Jewish community leaders in São Paulo. Even so, in June he became host of a late-night talk show on a national network and the big question now is: Will that format succeed in taming him? So far, the answer is no.[6]

"A Brazilian’s Comic Mania: Social Media" - Danilo Gentili, partner of a comedy club, has more than a touch of Bill Maher in him, as shown by a DVD called "Politicamente Incorreto." "We’re not considered artists, we’re compared to punk rockers playing in the garage to see what happens, and I’m fine with that," said Mr. Gentili, 32, who has just been given a late-night talk show on the Bandeirantes network.[7]

The Guardian The UK newspaper cited Danilo Gentili in two articles. He was compared with Bill Maher (in 2011) and Jon Stewart (in 2012).

"Brazil's stand-up comics lead social revolution against powerful elites" - Danilo Gentili comedy also drew attention of England’s leading newspaper, The Guardian. In Tom Phillips's article, Gentili is named a comedian that leads a revolution "a highly controversial but also wildly popular comedian who is blazing a trail for stand-up comedy in South America's largest nation, is a man who enjoys living on the edge."

The newspaper has highlighted the following of Mr. Gentili: "We earn money this way. If people get on TV they'll earn more money, even better. But if they don't, damn it. This will keep happening. So they don't owe allegiance to anyone.",

"Anywhere in the world people understand that the role of the comedian is to crack jokes. One day they'll understand it in Brazil, too, I hope," he said.[8]

"... With his stubble, baseball cap and habitual bleary-eyed look, he's like a shabbier version of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart. His approach isn't always subtle, sometimes abusing the powers that be in terms that would make Frankie Boyle blanch – as when he suggested the Brazilian president, a former victim of brutal state torture, had brought it upon herself – but it's won him a considerable domestic following among those who find his uncompromising style a breath of fresh air."[9]

Manager Magazin Gentili was once again mentioned in an international article. After the British The Guardian[8] and American The New York Times,[7] now it is German Manager Magazin – a business magazine from the Der Spiegel group, one of the most important ones in Germany – who mentions the Brazilian comedian.

In the article, that brings to attention the advances of Brazilian technology, Gentili is presented as an influential comedian online, with more than 2 million Twitter followers.[10]

Prospect magazine Gentili made the headline of another British article, this time Prospect magazine compares the Brazilian comedian with Jon Stewart and stats that Gentili is helping Brazil match economic weight with cultural clout.[11]

Forbes magazine Forbes magazine add Danilo Gentili on their list of "Names you Need to Know". With a brief history on the comedians and a Q&A, the magazine highlights Danilo as the country’s latest comic phenomenon. [12]

The same magazine, in November 2014, named the show "The Noite com Danilo Gentili" as 'Brazil's top rated late-night talk-show'.[13]

Political Views[edit]

Danilo is associated individual freedom defense and against any kind of authority, including estate. Satirize Brazil´s political system and the uncomitted of political bias.

One of his most famous works Politicamente Incorreto was the first stand-up comedy show 100% based on the actual political scenario in Brazil.[14]

· "It´s easy to identify who is against you. He´ll always appears defending the establishment.

· "Brasília it´s a first class city. It´s just like Las Vegas. It was raised in the middle of a desert for those who seeks easy money.

· "Vote is a mass destruction weapon; all it takes is a button click to f#%! everyone.

· "In a country where is culturally nice profit with lies, the truth is unfunny.



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2008 Grammy Latino de 2008 Himself
2008-2011 Custe o Que Custar Himself (reporter) [15]
2011 Comedy Central Apresenta Himself (host) 8 chapters [16]
2011-2013 Agora É Tarde com Danilo Gentili Himself (apresentador) 435 chapters, also creator [17]
2012 A Liga Himself (reporter) Episode: "Viver do Prazer"
2012 Custe o Que Custar Himself (co-host) 1 episode
2012 O Riso dos Outros Himself Documentary
2012 Os Fatos Espetaculares de 2012 Himself (host) Special
2014 Politicamente Incorreto Atílio Pereira Lead Role, producer
2014 É Natal, Mallandro! Himself Special
2014–present The Noite com Danilo Gentili Himself (host) 645 episodes also creator
2015 Mansão Bem Assombrada Bugabu Special
2016 Tempero Secreto Doctor 4 episodes
2016 Procurando Casseta & Planeta Himself Episode: "Juntos Outra Vez"
2016–present Entubados Himself 14 episodes


Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2013 Mato sem Cachorro Leléo Also developer
2014 As Aventuras de Paddington Paddington (voice)
2015 Superpai Cop
2017 BugiGangue no Espaço Gustavinho (voice)
2017 Como se Tornar o Pior Aluno da Escola Creator, producer and writer


  • 2005/2009 – Clube da Comédia Stand-Up - author and comedian
  • 2006/2009 – Comédia Ao Vivo - creator, comedian and author
  • 2009 – Divina Comédia - creator, comedian and author (alongside other comedians)
  • 2008/2011 – Danilo Gentili Volume 1 (Stand-Up Comedy Solo Show) - comedian and author
  • 2010 – Politicamente Incorreto (Stand-Up Comedy Solo Show) - comedian and author
  • 2011 – Festival Risadaria (São Paulo, SP)
  • 2011 – Virada Cultural de São Paulo
  • 2012 – Festival Risadaria (São Paulo, SP)
  • 2012 – Virada Cultural de São Paulo
  • 2012 – Festival Risológio (Curitiba, SC) - 2012 Honoree


  • 2011 – "Ela Traiu o Rock&Roll" - recorded by the band "Pedra Letícia"


  • 2011 – "Agora é Tarde" - Band News FM



  • 2010 - Comedians Comedy Club[18] - Partner



  • 2010 – Politicamente Incorreto
  • 2011 – Danilo Gentili – Volume 1


  • 2009 – Como se Tornar o Pior Aluno da Escola (How to Become School's Worst Student) – Panda Books Publishing Company – author and illustrator
  • 2010 – Politicamente Incorreto (Politically Incorrect) - Panda Books Publishing Company – author and illustrator
  • 2012 – A Vida e Outros Detalhes Insignificantes (Life and other insignificant details) – Panda Books Publishing Company – author and illustrator


  • 2011 – O Mundo vs Danilo Gentili (The World versus Danilo Gentili) – iOS[19]
  • 2016 - Corre Danilo Corre! (Run Danilo Run!)- iOS/Android


Agression and arrest cases by CQC[edit]

In April 2008 when he visited the Congresso Nacional for the first time, Danilo Gentili was expulsed from the site for interviewing the president of Câmara dos Deputados do Brasil, Arlindo Chinaglia, about the tax reform and the usage of untaxed money by deputies. The report was aired on April 24, 2008.[20]

Was arrest by the cops on October 28, 2009, at Assis, São Paulo, when recorded a report about a zero tolarance policy implanted at the town against vagrancy. At the time he has dresses as a homeless. Danilo was cuffed and taken downtown by desobey, public disorder and contempt.[21]

In 25 de julho de 2009, when trying to interview the president of Senado brasileiro, José Sarney, was grabbed by one of the president´s bodyguard and tosed into the ground.[12] The assault has national coverage that night, as it was witnessed by a photographer at service of the O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.[22]

The TV show CQC aired on June 28, 2010 appeared being assaulted by security guards in São Bernardo do Campo, while shooting Proteste Já! about a collapsing school.[23]

+18 Censorship[edit]

The book Como se Tornar o Pior Aluno da Escola (How to Become The Worst Student on School), by Danilo Gentili, received a seal warning readers that it was not suitable for people under 18 years old. The decision was made by the Panda Books publishing company after an warning from the Ministério Público. The controversy started when some teenagers' parents, who had bought the book anonymously, complained to the Public Court. To them, the content of the publication could be harmful to students. The publishing company was called to friendly discussion and accepted the recommendation to put the indicative seal on the book.[24] Even with the seal, Danilo told, on Roberto Justus' TV show, that the decision only made the book more attractive to the youngest and ironized saying "the kids decided to buy it!!!".[25] On September 5, 2012 it was announced that Clube Filmes productions had reached a deal to make a movie of his first book.[26]

In Santo André[edit]

The mayor of Santo André, Carlos Grana (PT/Worker´s Party), decided that Gentilli's illustration on the Santos Dummont avenue should be erased. The caricature was replaced by a picture of the physicist Albert Einstein, fact which caused controversy on social networks, since Gentili – a critic of PT, the political party of the mayor– accused him of censorship. The mayor denied the alegation.[27]

Some local artist made a graffiti of me. The drunk ass mayor Carlos Grana from Santo André had it removed. Yes, he is a major drunk - only a Drunk to look at me and see Einstein. Sure, if the graffiti was of some dictator or assassin they will keep a police car near it - as happened in São Paulo. —Danilo Gentili[28]

Danilo was referring to a Hugo Chávez lookalike portrait painted at the Arcos do Jânio in São Paulo.

Offense to a milk donator[edit]

By the end of October 2013, Danilo Gentili, with Marcelo Mansfield, were charged by injury for Michele Rafaela Maximino, uma técnica de enfermagem and also human milk donator, for a joke made by them at Agora É Tarde aired at the third day of that same month.[29] The donor was made into the Guinness World Book by donating 300 liters of milk and the joke made at national television, according to herself, has brought disorder by being bullied in his home town after the show was exhibited with make her giving up on milk donations.

At the referred joke, the TV host says that the donor, "in terms of milk donations, she´s almost reaching Kid Bengala", While a picture of her appears on the screen. The justice of Pernambuco determined that Band pays a daily fee of R$5.000 in case that the videos containing the joke wasn´t removed by the internet.

Band Lawsuit[edit]

Band, after Danilo left the network, started a lawsuit to stop his new show from airing at SBT.[30] According to Band, the host was forced to carry on the contract until 2015, with a fee after five days of abstent and the payment of the contractual fee. This fact was not accepted by the case judge. The judge also doesn´t accept the Band allegation that Danilo new show was plagiarism, claiming that the network have no evidence to accuse Danilo.

In August 2015, the host was convicted to pay R$2 millions for breach of agreement with Band. The judge Maria Rita Rebello Pinho Dias, analysing the case, verified that Band had hazards when the host left, including hiring a new host (Rafinha Bastos) and the lost of advertisers (Fiat left the show by the same reason). Gentili´s defense claims that he was the creator of Agora É Tarde and the lawsuit was unfair, appealing against the sentence.

Worker´s Party Black List[edit]

In June 2014, Alberto Cantalice, vice president of Partido dos Trabalhadores, included Danilo Gentili at a black list, at the worker´s party official website called “Demoralizing the mainstream pitbulls. The list also contains Marcelo Madureira, Lobão, Arnaldo Jabor, Reinaldo Azevedo, Diogo Mainardi, Guilherme Fiuza e Demétrio Magnoli as media pitbulls accusing them of elitism, being against the por and for hate speech.[31]

Marcelo Madureira reaction to the fact in on video in his own YouTube account, says that he is not against the poor, but he is against the worker´s party. Reinaldo Azevedo publicized an article in his blog at Veja Magazine says he will sue the responsible and in fact, this is a Policy Issue. Danilo Gentili, reacted posting in his Facebook, including Madureira and Reinaldo comments in this subject.[32] The Reporters without borders also condemned the party for the creation of that list.[33]

Lula Institute Lawsuit[edit]

In July 31th of 2015, Danilo Gentili posted a joke in his Twitter after the media announced an attack at Instituto Lula tinha sofrido. The tweet says: "Instituto Lula forge a attack to play the victim and the best they got is everyone saying "too bad Lula wasn´t there".[34] The institution reacted to the joke made by the comedian in a note publicized in his website and promise to seek justice.[35]

The Lula Institute request was rejected by the judge Carlos Eduardo Lora Franco, from São Paulo, justifying that "he is a comedian, that that sentence is nothing else besides a joke." also criticizing the "unparalleled patrol of thought in Brazil".[36]

Coffee waitress joke and the censor notification from Federal Senate[edit]

The senator Regina Sousa (PT-PI) announced at planary that she will juridical interpellate Gentili because he compared her to a "coffee waitress" in a tweet.[37] At the tweet, publicized when the impeachment process of Dilma Rousseff at the Federal Senate, a followers asks him "Can you understand what the Senator Regina Sousa is saying?" The comedian replies: Senator? I thought she was the coffee waitress. The senator afirmed that Danilo´s statement, was racist and bigotry. Gentili answered the law threat by an audio record aired by the radio show Jovem Pan Morning Show.

I wanna apologize for the episode that I compared Regina Sousa to a coffee waitress. Was an unhappy comparison, I talked without thinking and I regret. I sincere apologize to the coffee waitress. I didn´t mean to compare you with a senator. A senator from the most corrupt party in Brazil history.[38]

—Danilo Gentili

The host also received a censor notification dispached by senator Paulo Paim, the same party as Regina Sousa, in name of the Human Rights Committee of the Federal State. When the document was received, at SBT studios, while he was recording The Noite, the comedian recorded a video ironizing the document, mainly by his Portuguese errors found.[39]


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