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Deborah Secco
Deborah Secco no Crystal Fashion 2008 1.jpg
Deborah Secco, 2008.
Born Deborah Fialho Secco
(1979-11-26) November 26, 1979 (age 37)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Actress
Years active 1989–present
Height 1.64 m (5 ft 5 in)[1]
Spouse(s) Rogério Gomes (1997-2001)
Roger Galera Flores (2009-2013)
Hugo Moura (2015-present)

Deborah Fialho Secco Moura (born November 26, 1979) is a Brazilian actress.


Secco was born into a middle-class family, daughter of Sílvia Regina Fialho, a homemaker, and Ricardo Secco, a mathematics teacher. She has two siblings, Ricardo and Bárbara.


At 8 years old she debuted in TV advertising and at age 10, appeared in her first TV show Brincando de Era uma Vez. At age 11, she starred in her first soap opera, Mico Preto by Rede Globo.[2]

In 1999, she appeared in the novela Suave Veneno, as 'WAG' Marina. In August of that year, she also posed for the first time for the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine, in the magazine's 24th anniversary edition.

In 2000, she played her first villain in a novela, as the rebel Iris in Laços de Família. In 2001, she gained her first protagonist role in a novela, as the sweet Cecília de Sá, in A Padroeira.

In 2002, she played another TV villain - the comical and clumsy vampire Lara, in the novela O Beijo do Vampiro. That year, it was voted the most beloved character in a novela by viewers. Due to the great sensual appeal and prominence in the novela and the success of Lara, Secco aapeared on the cover of Playboy for the 27th birthday edition of the magazine in August that year.[3]

In 2003, she joined the cast of the novela Celebridade, for the role of Darlene Sampaio, a girl obsessed with fame. In 2005 she played her first prime-time role in América - as Sol, a woman trying to make a living in the United States, even as an illegal immigrant.

In 2010, she starred in the series As Cariocas, as Alice, the penultimate protagonist of the series. Alice wants to experience everything intensely in the episode A Suícida da Lapa.[4]

In 2011, she starred as a former prostitute in Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl. Later that year, she played one of the protagonists in the novela Insensato Coração; the comic character Natalie Lamour.[5] The character enamoured the audience and was praised even by the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff.[6] The actress was the second most popular Brazilian on the internet, due to the premiere of the movie and her novela character. She jumped from ninth place to second, behind only the president, in the month of January.[7]

Personal life[edit]

In 1997 she met the director Rogério Gomes, whom she married, but divorced in 2001.[8]

In 2007, Secco began dating the football player Roger Galera Flores, and within months they moved in together. After two years, they married on June 6, 2009 in a discreet ceremony in Itaipava, a mountain region of Rio de Janeiro.[9] They parted amicably in April 2013,[10] after four years of marriage, with a brief break in 2010.[11]


According to the national political magazine Veja article [12] published on 05/11/2013, the actress must return more than R$158,000 reais to public coffers.

Secco was forced by the courts to return R$158,191 reais to public coffers. The actress was convicted of embezzlement of public funds in a lawsuit for unjust enrichment and administrative misconduct. The mother, brothers and father of the family were also punished and will need to repay R$446,455 reais.

The sentence comes from judge Alexandre de Carvalho Mesquita, the 3rd Court of Exchequer, announced on 24 March 2013. According to the decision, the penalty still provides a fine of R$5,000 reais, the suspension of political rights and the prohibition to contract with the government or receive tax incentives. She can appeal.

On the bank account of Secco would have been deducted two checks – on the amount of R$77,000 and R$81,000 reais - regarding embezzlement of a scam involving the Public Service Foundation School (Fesp) and NGOs. Even higher amounts were deposited in the bank accounts of Light Artistic Productions (R$163,700 reais) and her relatives (R$282,500).

According to investigations, government agencies in Rio de Janeiro hired Fesp to perform projects even though knowing she could not fulfill the deal. The foundation then repassed the contracts to NGOs represented by the actress' father, Mr. Tindo Ricardo Ribeiro Secco, head of the scheme. In his and his wife´s account was deposited R$453,000 reais.


Year Title Role Notes
1990 Mico Preto Denise Menezes Garcia
Meu Bem, Meu Mal Cameo
1992 Você Decide Ep: "Tabu"
Escolinha do Professor Raimundo Capituzinha
Você Decide Ep: "Mamãe Coragem"
1993 Contos de Verão Fabíola
1994 Confissões de Adolescente Carol
1995 A Próxima Vítima Carina Carvalho Rossi
1996 Você Decide Ep: "Justiça"
Vira-Lata Tatu / Bárbara
1997 Zazá Dora Dumont
1998 Era Uma Vez... Emilia Zanella
1999 Mundo VIP Herself Cameo
Suave Veneno Marina Canhedo
Você Decide Socorro Ep: "A Filha de Maria"
Terra Nostra Hannah Cameo
2000 A Invenção do Brasil Moema
Laços de Família Íris Frank Lacerda
2001 Sítio do Picapau Amarelo Ep: "A Festa da Cuca"
A Padroeira Cecília de Sá
2002 Festival de Desenhos Herself Hoster
Brava Gente Jane Ep: "Loucos de Pedra"
Os Normais Kátia Ep: "É Nojento, Mas é Normal"
O Beijo do Vampiro Lara
2003 Homem Objeto Eva
Celebridade Darlene Sampaio
2004 Casseta & Planeta, Urgente! Darlene Sampaio Cameo
2005 América Sol de Oliveira
2006 Dança no Gelo Herself Reality show of Domingão do Faustão
Pé na Jaca Elizabeth Aparecida Barra
2007 Paraíso Tropical Betina Monteiro Cameo
2008 Episódio Especial Herself Cameo
A Favorita Maria do Céu / Pâmela Queiroz
2009 Decamerão - A Comédia do Sexo Monna
Ó Paí, Ó Keila Cristina Ep: "A Outra"
Episódio Especial Herself Cameo
2010 As Cariocas Alice Ep: "A Suicida da Lapa"
2011 Insensato Coração Natalie Lamour
2012 Louco por Elas Giovanna Bianchi
2013 A Grande Família Bianca Cameo[13]
2014 Boogie Oogie Inês [14][15]


Year Title Role
2000 Um Anjo Trapalhão Mayor's Daughter
2001 Caramuru - A Invenção do Brasil Moema
2002 Xuxa e os Duendes 2 Epifânia
2003 Casseta & Planeta: A Taça do Mundo É Nossa Stewardess
2004 A Cartomante Rita
Tudo Isso é Fado Thaís
Meu Tio Matou um Cara Soraya
2009 Flordelis - Basta uma Palavra para Mudar Simone
2011 Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl Bruna Surfistinha
Assim Como Ela América Muller
2014 Confissões de Adolescente Felipe's mother
Boa Sorte Judite[16][17][18]
A Estrada do Diabo [19][20][21]
Deborah Secco in 2008.

Magazine covers[edit]

  • Uma Magazine, in February 2007.
  • Edition 400 of the Nova Magazine (Brazilian edition), in January 2007.
  • Criativa Magazine, in September 2005, February 2004 and August 2001.
  • Marie Claire Magazine (Brazilian edition), in January 2004 and the edition of 14 years of the magazine in April 2005.
  • Estilo de Vida Magazine (Brazilian edition), in March 2005.
  • Claudia Magazine, in February 2005.
  • Manequim Magazine, in July 2004.
  • Cover of the 27th anniversary issue of Playboy (Brazilian edition), in August 2002.
  • VIP magazine, in May 1999, March 2002 and November 2011.
  • Nova Beleza Magazine in August/September 2002
  • Elle Magazine (Brazilian edition), September 1999
  • Cover of the 24th anniversary issue of Playboy (Brazilian edition), in August 1999.
  • Boa Forma Magazine, in August 1999, December 2002 and November 2003.
  • Corpo a Corpo Magazine, in March 2004, in 2001 and in July 2000.
  • Rehearsals of layers of the Contigo!, and several "flagrant" turned headline of the own magazine.
  • Rehearsals of layers of the Caras, and several "flagrant" turned headline of the own magazine.
  • Rehearsals of layers of to Quem Acontece, and several "flagrant" turned headline of the own magazine.
  • Rehearsals of layers of the Chiques & Famosos, and several "flagrant" turned headline of the own magazine.
  • Querida Magazine, in three occasions in the 1990s.
  • Meu Amor Magazine, in the 1990s.
  • One of their first covers was of the reviewed extinct Carícia, in 1995, when she played Carina in the soap opera A Próxima Vítima (The Next Victim).


  • Interviewing Fernanda Young, in November 2006.
  • Altas Horas, with Serginho Groisman, in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
  • Marília Gabriela Entrevista, in September 2006 and middles of 2002.
  • Reviewed Oi, in April/May of 2005.
  • Playboy magazine, in the 30-year-old edition, in August 2005.
  • Reviewed Nova, in October 2000.
  • Glimpsed and rehearsal to the website EGO, in December 2006.
  • Programa do Jô, with Jô Soares, in April 2005, in September 2002 and April 2001.

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