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Preparing a bomb shot or "depth charge."

A bomb shot, or "depth charge," is a mixed drink that is made by mixing two drinks. A drink in a small glass (typically a shot glass) is dropped into a larger glass holding a different drink. The resulting cocktail is typically consumed as quickly as possible ("chugged"). Recently, the term has become more loosely defined as simply a shot that is made by mixing two drinks.


A bomb shot typically consists of a shot glass of hard liquor that is dropped into a glass partially filled with beer but sometimes with some other beverage. Many variations exist. When the shot is dropped into a superpint it is commonly known as a "Depth Charge," because it resembles the anti-submarine weapon being dropped on a target.

Examples of popular bomb shots include:

  • Elephant on a Table: A shot of Amarula dropped into a half pint of Tafel Lager. A Windhoek speciality.
  • Cider Bomb: A shot of Jägermeister is dropped into a glass of apple cider.
  • Drop Bear: An Australia-specific bomb shot where a shot of Bundaberg Rum is dropped into a glass of Victoria Bitter. Named both for the iconic drop bear of Australian legend, and because the label of Bundaberg Rum is a polar bear.
  • Magic eye: Central-European drink where a shot of Crème de menthe is dropped into beer, usually staying consistent and forming green "eye" inside the beer glass.

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Two sake bombs about to be dropped into beer.


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