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Dharakote is located in Odisha
Dharakote is located in India
Location in Odisha, India
Coordinates: 19°23′N 84°20′E / 19.38°N 84.34°E / 19.38; 84.34Coordinates: 19°23′N 84°20′E / 19.38°N 84.34°E / 19.38; 84.34
Country  India
State Odisha
District Ganjam
Founded by Raja Hadu Singh
Elevation 30 m (100 ft)
 • Official Oriya
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 761107
Telephone code 06822
Vehicle registration
  • OR-07
  • OD-07
Website odisha.gov.in

Dharakote (Odia: ଧରାକୋଟ), famous for Lord Sri Jagannath temple and the king palace of dharakote , is a block in Ganjam district in the Indian state of Odisha.

Jagannath Temple[edit]

Dharakote is famous for Lord Sri Jagannath temple. The Dharakote Temple looks similar to Puri Temple. Ekadasi Cart festival is famous among in this district as all well known about this. Around 40k-70k people's are visiting this Ekadasi Cart festival.

The village Dharakote is a beautiful place. It’s a fantastic to look the geography structure liable climate stone creative ancient archeology & beauty of nature with mountain, fountain, stream, pool, forest, river & garden and also the 600-year-old Maharaja Palace. This village is feeling for all young stars is not less than a town.

Jagannath Temple
Jagannath Temple

Dharakote Maharaja Palace[edit]

This is a 600-year-old King's palace, Palacial Building of the King of Dharakote. The palace is situated just beside the Jagannath Temple. PRESENT RULER: Rani Sulakhyana Gitanjali Devi, present Rani Saheb of Dharakote since 28 May 2010.

For more info about dharakote please visit : www.dharakote.blogspot.com

Sati Chita (Sati's Pyre)[edit]

It is said that Raja Jaganath Singh(1788/1830) on returning to his Palace after a hunt, saw a ray of light coming from inside a hut. The Raja entered the hut and saw a holy man meditating in front of a fire. The Holy man told the Raja that this was the place where Rani Chandama Devi had committed Sati. The Raja was impressed and immediately ordered the construction of a Math over that place, and later descendants of the Dharakote Royal family have kept the flame burning ever since, with the task of keeping the flame alive being entrusted to the Head Priests of the Math. The fire, known popularly as Sati Chita (Sati's Pyre) is tended to by a Mahant (Head Priest) at Sathi Math which is built on 9 acres of land at the entrance of Dharakote fort.


Dharakote is located at 19°23′N 84°20′E / 19.38°N 84.34°E / 19.38; 84.34.[1] NH-59 (Gopalpur-on-Sea ) is passing through this town. It is located about 12 km north-west of the river Rushikulya, Aska, Ganjam. It is just 55 km from Silk City Brahmapur, Odisha.

Administratively it consisted of three subdivisions: Jahada with 85 villages, Kunanogada with 37 villages and Sahasrango with 66 villages.

Schools & Colleges[edit]

  • S.R.H.S [Sri Raja's High School]
  • Ananta Narayan Mahavidyalya
  • Krushna Singh Girls High School

Villages of Dharakote[edit]

  1. Kanagiridi
  2. Baharpur (12 km)
  3. Balarampur
  4. Baradabili (12 km)
  5. Dharakote
  6. Dhaugam
  7. Golla Damodarpalli
  8. Jaga Mohan (2.4 km)
  9. Dasamaili
  10. Haripur
  11. Bethuar
  12. Dakabaja
  13. Jahada (4.4 km)
  14. Jhadabandha
  15. Jharapari
  16. Machhakot
  17. Manikapur (27 km)
  18. Mundamarai (3 km)
  19. Rugumu (8 km)
  1. Saradhapur
  2. Singipur
  3. Pratapur(7 km)

street of Dharakote Badadanda street kothari street Bazar street Majhi sahi Swain street Kumbharo Street Dhoba Sahi Medical Colony

Banks in Dharakote[edit]

  • State Bank of India
  • Utkal Gramya Bank

Postal Code of Dharakote: 761107

List Of Rajas[edit]

Raja Anant Narayan Singh Deo (1974-2003)
  • Raja HADU SINGH 1476-1540
  • Raja RAI SINGH 1540-1602
  • Raja NARAYAN SINGH 1602-1647
  • Raja PURUSHOTTAM SINGH 1647-1699
  • Raja RAM CHANDRA SINGH 1699-1731
  • Raja JAI SINGH 1731-1748
  • Raja RAJENDRA SINGH 1748-1780
  • Raja DAMODAR SINGH 1780
  • Raja KRUSHNA SINGH 1780-1788
  • Raja JAGANATH SINGH 1788-1830
  • Raja RAGHUNATH SINGH 1830-1863
  • Raja BRAJA SUNDAR SINGH 1863-1880
  • Raja MADAN MOHAN SINGH DEO 1880-1937
  • Raja BRAJKISHORE SINGH DEO 1937-1938
  • Raja PADMANABH SINGH DEO 1946-1949
  • Raja ANANT NARAYAN SINGH Deo 1974/2003
  • Raja KISHORE CHANDRA SINGH Deo 2003/2010
  • Rani Sulakhyana Geetanjali Devi - Present Ruler


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