Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

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Disney's Hotel Cheyenne
Disney's Hotel Cheyenne logo.svg
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Location Disneyland Paris
Category 2 stars
Opened April 1992
Theme American Old West, Cowboys
Rooms 1000
Operator Euro Disney SCA
(The Walt Disney Company)
Website Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

The Disney's Hotel Cheyenne is a hotel located at Disneyland Paris. Designed by architect Robert A.M. Stern Architects (who also designed Disney's Newport Bay Club), it is devised to create the illusion that it is a Western town in the archetypal Hollywood style rather than a single hotel complex. This is accomplished through façades and other decor inspired by popular representations of the American Old West. The façades feature the names of such Western institutions as "Saloon", "Jail", "Billy The Kid" or "Annie Oakley". It shares an area of Disneyland Resort Paris with Disney's Hotel Santa Fe, located on either side of a man-made river called the "Rio Grande". (The actual Rio Grande forms the border between Texas and Mexico.)

The hotel opened with the Euro Disney Resort in April 1992.

Around 1997, the hotel was surrounded by white "desert" sand and the streets were still largely covered in this sand, giving it the feeling of a quiet desert town. A few years later however the streets had been paved and the whole town was surrounded by pine trees. There is also a child's play area consisting of a wooden fort and three teepees within the town.

Before the pine trees were planted, Hotel Santa Fé was clearly visible from this area, because they were only separated by the Rio Grande.

Hotel Cheyenne is a 10-minute walk from the resort's parks and there is a regular free shuttle bus between the hotel and the parks.

Coordinates: 48°52′27″N 2°47′32″E / 48.87417°N 2.79222°E / 48.87417; 2.79222