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Since 2007, Disney has been releasing a series of advertisements created by photographer, Annie Leibovitz and featuring celebrities in Disney fairy tale scenes to promote Disney Parks' "Year of a Million Dreams".


Year Scene Title Character(s) Ref
2007 Alice in Wonderland Where Wonderland is your destiny [1]
2007 Sleeping Beauty Where imagination saves the day
2007 Cinderella Where every Cinderella story comes true [2]
2007 Pinocchio and Disney Fairies Where the magic begins
2007 Snow White Where you’re the fairest of them all [3]
2007 The Sword in the Stone Where you’re always the king of the court
2008 Aladdin Where a whole new world awaits
2008 Pocahontas Where dreams run free
2008 Peter Pan Where you never have to grow up
2008 Aladdin Where your every wish is our command
2008 The Little Mermaid Where another world is just a wish away [4]
2009 Sleeping Beauty Where true love can be celebrated
2011 Snow White Where magic speaks, even when you’re not the fairest of them all [5]
2011 Beauty and the Beast Where a moment of beauty lasts forever [5]
2011 The Little Mermaid Where memories take hold and never let go [6]
2011 Pirates of the Caribbean Where magic sets sail...
2011 Pirates of the Caribbean ...and adventures become legendary
2012 Haunted Mansion Where wickedly good times await
  • None
2012 Haunted Mansion Where you can go on the ride of your afterlife [7]
2012 Peter Pan Where every moment leaves you hungry for more [8]
2013 Tangled Where a world of adventure awaits [9]
2013 The Princess and the Frog Where you always follow your heart [10]
2014 Brave Where your destiny awaits [11]


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