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Dorothea von Salviati (1907–1972), was the wife of Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, the eldest son of Crown Prince Wilhelm, the eldest son and heir of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II.

Born Dorothea von Salviati in Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen on 10 September 1907, her parents were Alexander Hermann Heinrich August von Salviati and Helene "Ella" Crasemann (of the well established Hamburg merchant family, Crasemann).[1] Her maternal grandfather was the famous Hamburg parliamentarian Gustav August Rudolph Crasemann.

Marriage and children[edit]

While students at Bonn, Dorothea and Prince Wilhelm fell in love with each other. However, the prince’s grandfather, Wilhelm II, did not approve of the marriage between a member of the minor nobility and the Heir Presumptive to the German Throne. At the time, the former Kaiser still believed in the possibility of a Hohenzollern restoration,[2] and he would not permit his grandson to make an unequal marriage. William told his grandson: "Remember, there is every possible form of horse. We are thoroughbreds, however, and when we conclude a marriage such as with Fräulein von Salviati, it produces mongrels, and that cannot be allowed to happen."[3]

However, Wilhelm was determined to marry Dorothea. He renounced any rights to the succession for himself and his future children in 1933.[4][5] Wilhelm and Dorothea married on 3 June 1933 in Bonn. They had two daughters who, in 1940, were accepted by the ex-Emperor as dynastic members of the House of Hohenzollern and recognised as Princess of Prussia with the style Royal Highness.[6] [4]

  • Princess Felicitas Cecilie Alexandrine Helene Dorothea of Prussia (7 June 1934 – 1 August 2009),[7] was fifth in the line of first-born children that started with Queen Victoria's eldest child, Victoria, Princess Royal. This line has continued with Felicitas' own eldest daughter, Friederike von der Osten, and her daughter, Felicitas von Reiche.
  • Princess Christa Friederike Alexandrine Viktoria of Prussia (born 31 October 1936 at Schloß Klein-Obisch, near Głogów); married Peter Paul Eduard Maria Clemens Maximilian Franz von Assis Liebes (18 January 1926 Munich - 5 May 1967 Bonn).

After her husband’s death on 26 May 1940 during the invasion of France, she led a quiet life and died in Bad Godesberg, Bonn on 7 May 1972.[1]


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