Doubt (album)

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Jesus Jones doubt.jpg
Studio album by Jesus Jones
Released January 29, 1991
Recorded May 1990
Length 40:39
37:11 (without bonus track)
  • Ian Curnow
  • Mike Edwards
  • Phil Harding
  • Andy Ross
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Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Doubt was the second album by the British band Jesus Jones, released in 1991. The album reached #25 in the US and topped the UK chart.

According to the album booklet, Doubt was recorded in seven days in May 1990, but "the mixing took a bit longer". While the album had been finished in the spring of 1990, its release was delayed until the beginning of 1991 by the band's label Food Records.

There is a message in the booklet which warns people of "possible damage to musical equipment". It reads:

Warning This album contains extreme sounds which could damage musical equipment when played at high volume

This message is believed to refer to the song "Stripped", which was not played live until their performance at the Woolley Festival in their native Bradford-on-Avon in 2014 because, as he stated on stage at the time, it was "unlistenable". The booklet also gives small descriptions to the songs. For example, "I'm Burning" is subtitled "A re-occurrence of the B-side that was too good syndrome". The booklet also claims Doubt to be inspired by both legal and pirate radio stations in London.

Jesus Jones have said the songs on the album are primarily about hope, optimism, and enjoying everything around you.

Track listing[edit]

  • All songs written by Mike Edwards, except where noted.
  1. "Trust Me" - 2:08
  2. "Who? Where? Why?" - 3:35
  3. "International Bright Young Thing" - 3:12
  4. "I'm Burning" - 3:20
  5. "Right Here, Right Now" - 3:09
  6. "Nothing to Hold Me" (Mike Edwards, Iain Baker) - 3:21
  7. "Real Real Real" - 3:08
  8. "Welcome Back Victoria" - 3:37
  9. "Are You Satisfied?" - 3:52 (Bonus track on US versions)
  10. "Two and Two" - 2:53
  11. "Stripped" - 3:51
  12. "Blissed" - 4:49


  • Mike Edwards - vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Jerry De Borg - guitars
  • Al Doughty - bass
  • Iain Baker - keyboards, programming
  • Gen - drums, percussion


  • Produced By Mike Edwards, except "Right Here, Right Now"; produced by Martyn Ross & "I'm Burning"; produced by Andy Ross.
  • Recording Engineer for all tracks except "Right Here, Right Now": Clive Goddard. Recording Engineer for "Right Here, Right Now": Martyn Ross.
  • Mixed By John Fryer, except "International Bright Young Thing" & "Real, Real, Real" (mixed by Phil Harding & Ian Curnow) & "Right Here, Right Now", mixed by Martyn Ross.


Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1991 The Billboard 200 25

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1991 "International Bright Young Thing" Modern Rock Tracks 6
1991 "Real, Real, Real" Hot Dance Music/Club Play 5
1991 "Real, Real, Real" Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales 27
1991 "Real, Real, Real" Modern Rock Tracks 26
1991 "Real, Real, Real" The Billboard Hot 100 4
1991 "Right Here, Right Now" Hot Dance Music/Club Play 29
1991 "Right Here, Right Now" Mainstream Rock Tracks 7
1991 "Right Here, Right Now" Modern Rock Tracks 1
1991 "Right Here, Right Now" The Billboard Hot 100 2
Preceded by
The Soul Cages by Sting
UK number one album
February 9, 1991 – February 15, 1991
Succeeded by
Innuendo by Queen