Dr. Antonia Pantoja Community School of Academic Excellence

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Dr. Antonia Pantoja Community School of Excellence
School18 BuffaloNY.JPG
750 West Avenue
Front Park
Buffalo, New York, Erie 14213
United States
Coordinates 42°54′35″N 78°53′30″W / 42.9096°N 78.8916°W / 42.9096; -78.8916Coordinates: 42°54′35″N 78°53′30″W / 42.9096°N 78.8916°W / 42.9096; -78.8916
Status Priority School
School number 18
Principal Valerie Kent
Grades K-8

Dr. Antonia Pantoja Community School of Excellence is a Community School located in the West Side of Buffalo, New York. The school is located at 750 West Avenue and serves approximately 500 Students. The current principal is Valerie Kent, and the current assistant principal is Mary Orser.


School 77, where School 18 students were educated during the Hampshire Street building's reconstruction.

School 18 was first built in 1848 on the corner of School Street and West Avenue in Black Rock. This building was replaced by a new school in 1874, which received a one-story addition in 1887. Another new building was built in 1898, before finally settling at the new Hampshire Street building in 1898, with the address being 118 Hampshire Street.[1] It was named after Antonia Pantoja, the first Hispanic winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2003. From 2011-2013, School 18 was reconstructed and students were educated at School 77 on Normal Avenue in the meantime. It returned to its original building, with the new address 750 West Avenue.

Former principals[edit]

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • James R. Wade[1]
  • Edward L. Chamberlyn[1]
  • James Crocker[1]
  • Charles C. Johnson[1]
  • Charles W. Colyer[1]
  • John Gary[1]
  • George E. Smith[1]
  • Edward M. Adams[1]
  • Irene Mason[1]
  • Flora Donahue[1]
  • Philip Pati[1]
  • Gregg Hejmanowski[1]
  • Thomas Cicatello[1]
  • Paul Williams–?-2001[1]
  • Gary Stillman–2001-2004 (Principal - Hillery Park Academy,[2] resigned[3])


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