Dreams Never End

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"Dreams Never End"
Song by New Order
from the album Movement
ReleasedNovember 1981
LabelFactory Records
Songwriter(s)Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris
Producer(s)Martin Hannett
Movement track listing
  1. "Dreams Never End"
  2. "Truth"
  3. "Senses"
  4. "Chosen Time"
  5. "I.C.B"
  6. "The Him"
  7. "Doubts Even Here"
  8. "Denial"

"Dreams Never End" is the first track of eight on New Order's debut album, Movement, which was released on November 13, 1981. The song was later included as track two on the compilation album The Best of New Order, released in the United States in March 1995. This song does not appear on the international version, released November 1994.

After the death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis in 1980, the surviving members formed New Order with drummer Stephen Morris's girlfriend and future wife, Gillian Gilbert. The band members disputed over who should fill the role of lead vocalist. All three male members were in contention, but since Bernard Sumner's voice sounded significantly different from Curtis' voice, the other members opted for him to take the role, wanting New Order's sound to be distinct from Joy Division's.[citation needed]

Although Sumner became the lead vocalist, bassist Peter Hook sings the lead vocals on this song and on the album's seventh track, "Doubts Even Here".

The song's title is a possible play on the opening line of the Joy Division song "Insight" (from their 1979 album, Unknown Pleasures) which is "Guess your dreams always end".

The song is featured in the 2010 miniseries Carlos.

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