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Through station
Bahnhof-Dresden-Neustadt Lidl.JPG
Location Dresden, Saxony
Coordinates 51°3′56″N 13°44′27″E / 51.06556°N 13.74083°E / 51.06556; 13.74083Coordinates: 51°3′56″N 13°44′27″E / 51.06556°N 13.74083°E / 51.06556; 13.74083
Platforms 8
Architect Otto Peters and Osmar Dürichen
Other information
Station code n/a
DS100 code DN
Category 2
Website www.bahnhof.de
Opened 1 March 1901

Dresden-Neustadt station (German: Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt) is the second largest railway station in Dresden, as well as one of the largest stations in Saxony.

Station hall
Entrance hall


The main part of Dresden-Neustadt station consists of 8 tracks, along with two additional tracks for crossing freight trains. The roof of the train shed covers the central section of all passenger platforms, which are arranged in an island layout between two tracks each. Access to the platforms is granted by stairways leading down to two passenger tunnels between the western front of the station and the station building, which is situated east of the train shed facing Schlesischer Platz. All tracks are on an elevated platform, which allows the adjacent Hansastraße and the passenger tunnels running under the platforms. In Summer 2013, a major rebuild of all platforms is under way.

Adjacent to the main station is temporary Platform (Gleis) 10, situated to the west on the curve of the direct route (Strecke 6246) through the former Dresden Neustadt Gbf from Abzw. Dresden-Pieschen to just south of Dresden-Neustadt station. In Summer 2013, this line/platform is in regular use by RE50 services from Leipzig Hbf to Dresden Hbf services in the southbound direction only, during rebuilding of the Cosweg/Neustadt route from 2 to 4 tracks; this line is not expected to be used again by passenger services after the autumn of 2013.

Train services[edit]

InterCity, InterCityExpress and EuroCity trains call at the station. Dresden-Neustadt is an important hub connecting eastern Saxon and Lusatian towns such as Bautzen, Görlitz, and Cottbus with the InterCity networks. The station enables shared passenger transfer in Dresden and discharges at the main station, Dresden Hauptbahnhof.

Dresden-Neustadt station gives long distance trains access to the northern part of Dresden and to other towns like Radebeul, Radeberg, Kamenz and Coswig.

The station is served by the following services:[1]

  • regional express TLX 1 Dresden – Bischofswerda – Bautzen – Görlitz
  • regional express TLX 2 Dresden – Bischofswerda – Ebersbach – Zittau (– Liberec – Tanvald)
  • regional express RE 50 Leipzig – Wurzen – Riesa – Coswig – Dresden
  • regional service SB 34 Dresden – Arnsdorf – Kamenz
  • regional service TL 60 Dresden – Bischofswerda – Bautzen – Görlitz
  • regional service TL 61 Dresden – Bischofswerda – Ebersbach – Zittau
  • Dresden S-Bahn S1 Meißen Triebischtal – Dresden – Pirna – Bad Schandau – Schöna
  • Dresden S-Bahn S2 Dresden Flughafen – Dresden – Pirna
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
ICE 50
towards Oldenburg Hbf
ICE 50
ICE 50
towards Munich Hbf
ICE 50
IC 50
towards Cologne Hbf
IC 55
toward Leipzig Hbf
RE 50
toward Dresden Hbf
Preceding station   Städtebahn Sachsen   Following station
Terminus SB 33
toward Dresden Hbf
SB 34
toward Kamenz
Preceding station   Vogtlandbahn   Following station
toward Dresden Hbf
toward Görlitz
toward Dresden Hbf
toward Zittau or Liberec
toward Dresden Hbf
TL 60
toward Görlitz
toward Dresden Hbf
TL 61
toward Zittau
Preceding station   Dresden S-Bahn   Following station
S 1
toward Schöna
S 2
toward Pirna

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