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ESC Corporate Services (MGS PPSA AML CPSO), previously Dye & Durham and Teranet, is a private Ontario corporation that acts as a licensed government service provider under contract with the Ministry of Government Services (MGS). This company is best known by Canadian law firms and the business community as the direct link to the government whereby ESC Corporate Services acts as a facilitator of regulatory compliance by providing access government records and government's registration and filing services. The most widely used government services facilitated by ESC Corporate Services include Incorporations, PPSA searches and registrations, Security Searches and trade name registrations.

Corporate logo of ESC Corporate Services, a licensed service provider under contract with MGS.
Corporate logo used by ESC Corporate Services Established: January 2010 No. of employees: less than 50 Industries: government services Company type: icensed service provider Key people: Chris Valentine, President Associations: MGS PPSA AML CPSO LSUC Website:

General Information[edit]

ESC Corporate Services is a licensed service provider under contract with the MGS.[1] Licensed service providers under MGS contract have exclusive rights to facilitate access to government registries (records databases) and registration services in Ontario and across Canada. As such, ESC Corporate Services is licensed to legally provide a variety of government services to the legal and business communities. The contract with the MGS does not prohibit the development of any proprietary and value added services that a Licensed Service Provider deems necessary in order to retain its market share and improve its operational and customer service quality.

Formation of ESC Corporate Services[edit]

ESC Corporate Services was founded as Dye & Durham[2] which itself was established in Toronto in 1874. It formally adopted the name Dye & Durham in 1911. Dye & Durham was an organization that originally sold legal forms, primarily in Ontario, and soon progressed to offer a complete line of office products and, most recently, as a search, registration and corporate supplies division of Teranet.[3] As a result of acquisition from Dye & Durham and Teranet, ESC Corporate Services was established in January 2010 and started providing government services to the public as a licensed service provider under contract with the Government of Ontario. ESC Corporate Services' headquarters is located in the King Street and Spadina Avenue area of Toronto, Ontario.

Government Services Facilitated by ESC Corporate Services[edit]

Its contract with MGS gives ESC exclusive right to facilitate access to the following government services for the legal and corporate community as a Licensed Service Provider:

Incorporation[4]: Provincial, Federal and nationwide filing of Articles of Incorporation, Amendment and Dissolution.

Registrations and Filings of Corporate trade names, Small business, court documents and PPSA securities.[5]

Government Database Searches which include ONBIS and Business Name searches, Corporate name searches and registrations via NUANS,[6] PPSA and PPSA+ searches,[7] Security searches,[8] Real Estate searches and Birth/Death Certificate, Marriage Licence and MTO searches.

ESC's Role in Regulatory Compliance[edit]

Anti-Money Laundering[edit]

Following the enactment on December 31, 2008 of the New Client Identity & Verification Requirements under By-Law 7.1 introduced by The Law Society of Upper Canada all financial institutions, lawyers and paralegals are required to verify their client's identity in an attempt to prevent money laundering activities. ESC Corporate Services developed its "Know Your Client" service - a time-efficient and cost-effective way of verifying corporate entities as a means to facilitate compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Federal regulations.

On May 10 and 11, 2011, ESC exhibited at the 10th Annual Forum on Anti-Money Laundering hosted by The Canadian Institute in Toronto where the following subjects were covered:

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario[edit]

In order to facilitate compliance with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario's (CPSO) requirement for all physicians to submit their annual renewal based on the anniversary date of the Certificate of Authorization, ESC provides assistance to the members of the medical community with completion of their Annual Renewal through providing the means for obtaining their Certificates of Status together with the Annual Renewal Application which are required by the CPSO in order to obtain their Certificate of Authorization.

Corporate Partners[edit]

ESC has partnered with the Government of Ontario and Loan Transact in order to develop a number of proprietary services offered to its legal and business customers throughout Canada.


  1. ^ The Ministry of Government Services (MGS) is a combination of the former Ministry of Consumer and Business Services and sections of the former Management Board Secretariat. Its goal is to modernize the government operations and to provide cost-effective services to businesses and consumers. MGS holds a contract under which ESC Corporate Services is legally empowered to provide government services to consumer and business communities
  2. ^ Dye & Durham
  3. ^ Teranet is an organization that manages one of the world’s most advanced land registries, Ontario’s Electronic Land Registration System
  4. ^ Incorporation is a procedure of creating an incorporated company by means of registering its Articles of Incorporation
  5. ^ PPSA stands for Personal Property Securities Act and governs the registration and administration of securities. By registering a PPSA against a debtor, the creditor becomes a Secured Creditor and has a privilege over unsecured creditors when it comes time to collect its assets in case of the debtor's default
  6. ^ A NUANS report is a search completed and used to compare proposed corporate, business or trademark names with existing. Both Federal and Provincial governments require that a NUANS report be produced for the proposed name prior to incorporating a company. The NUANS report reserves the proposed name for 90 days
  7. ^ PPSA+ is a real time nationwide PPSA searching and reporting tool that automatically summarizes, organizes and structures the data in an easy-to-read indexed format
  8. ^ security searches are conducted on an Individual, Business or Corporation. They reveal both present and historical information relating to Bankruptcy, the Bank Act, the Bulk Sales Act, Litigation, Executions and PPSA.