Aimi Eguchi

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Aimi Eguchi
Corporate promotion character
Aimi Eguchi.jpg
Aimi Eguchi as she appears in the Ezaki Glico commercial
First appearance June 2011
Created by Ezaki Glico
Voiced by Yukari Sasaki
Gender Female
Occupation Japanese idol

Aimi Eguchi (江口 愛実, Eguchi Aimi) is a fictional Japanese idol. She is a CGI composite of various features of seven existing (some now former) members of the theater/idol group AKB48.[1]

Eguchi was announced as the group's newest member in June 2011. According to an official profile she was 16 years old, born on February 11, 1995, and from Saitama, north of Tokyo. She was featured in the Japanese magazine Weekly Playboy, and appeared in a television commercial for the confectionery company, Ezaki Glico. Suspicions arose amongst AKB48 fans and on June 19, 2011, Glico finally admitted that Eguchi was a fake created by the company, disappointing many fans.[2][3] As of May 2013, she is no longer listed on the official website as a trainee.[4][5]

CGI contributors[edit]


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