Eildon Pondage Power Station

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Eildon Pondage Power Station
LocationVictorian Alps, Victoria
Coordinates37°14′35″S 145°53′51″E / 37.24306°S 145.89750°E / -37.24306; 145.89750Coordinates: 37°14′35″S 145°53′51″E / 37.24306°S 145.89750°E / -37.24306; 145.89750
Construction began1994
Opening date1995
Construction costA$14 million
Owner(s)Pacific Hydro
Lower reservoir
CreatesEildon Pondage
Total capacity5,200 ML (1,100×10^6 imp gal; 1,400×10^6 US gal)
Power Station
Installed capacity4.5 MW (6,000 hp)

The Eildon Pondage Power Station is a hydroelectric power station on the Eildon Pondage at Lake Eildon, Victoria, Australia. Eildon Pondage has one turbo generator, with a total generating capacity of 4.5 megawatts (6,000 hp) of electricity. It is owned and operated by Pacific Hydro, and the electricity produced is sold to electricity retailer TXU.[1]

Eildon Pondage re-uses the water from Eildon Power Station, which is stored in the pondage to ensure a controlled release into the Goulburn River downstream from Lake Eildon.

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