Lal Lal Wind Farm

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Lal Lal Wind Farm
Coordinates37°36′S 144°00′E / 37.6°S 144°E / -37.6; 144
StatusUnder construction
Construction beganApril 2018
Owner(s)Macquarie Investment Management Australia Limited
Operator(s)Renewable Energy Systems
Wind farm
Hub height93 m (305 ft)
Rotor diameter136 m (446 ft)
Power generation
Units operational60 × 3.8 MW
Make and modelVestas Vestas V136 (60)
Nameplate capacity228 MW

Lal Lal Wind Farm is a wind farm under construction southeast of Ballarat in the Australian state of Victoria. the wind farm has two parts about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) apart. There are 38 turbines two kilometres east of Yendon and a further 22 turbines two kilometres north of Elaine.[1]

The project was developed by WestWind Energy. The proposal was bought by Macquarie Capital in 2017, and financing was completed by onselling 40% to each of Northleaf Capital Partners and InfraRed Capital with Macquarie retaining the other 20%. RES Australia is contracted to manage the build and first five years of operation. Construction is done by Zenviron and Vestas.[2]

During the construction phase, one of the operating wind turbines was damaged on 15 September 2019 by a lightning strike during a storm. A direct hit resulted in one blade of a turbine being destroyed and falling to the ground. no other damage was reported.[3]


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