Eliott's Battery

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Eliott's Battery
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
Europa Flats in Gibraltar
Eliott's Battery is located in Gibraltar
Eliott's Battery
Eliott's Battery
Location within Gibraltar
Coordinates 36°06′43″N 5°21′00″W / 36.111987°N 5.350112°W / 36.111987; -5.350112
Type Artillery battery
Site information
Owner Government of Gibraltar
Open to
the public
Condition Mostly built over
Site history
Built by UK Ministry of Defence

Eliott's Battery was an artillery battery in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.[1] The battery is located in front of the Officer's Barracks at Europa Flats between Prince George's Battery and Woodford's Battery.[2] The battery is named after George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield, Governor of Gibraltar 1777–1790.