Sir Herbert Miles Promenade

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Sir Herbert Miles Promenade
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
Sir Herbert Miles Promenade is located in Gibraltar
Sir Herbert Miles Promenade
Sir Herbert Miles Promenade
Coordinates 36°08′18″N 5°21′17″W / 36.13833°N 5.35472°W / 36.13833; -5.35472
Site history
Built 1917

Sir Herbert Miles Promenade served as an artillery battery in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.


The promenade runs along the Line Wall Curtain, from King's Bastion at the north end to Wellington Front on the south. It passes by Cathedral Square when it is immediately west of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The battery housed 200 guns during the Great Siege of Gibraltar. Today there are just nine guns in place.[1]

The promenade is named after Sir Herbert Miles who was Governor of Gibraltar (1913-18).


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