English Women's Golf Association

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English Women's Golf Association
Sport Amateur Golf
Founded 1952
Affiliation Ladies Golf Union
Location 11 Highfield Road
Official website

The English Women's Golf Association (EWGA) is the governing body responsible for many aspects of women's and girls' amateur golf in England.

It is based on Highfield Road in Birmingham.


The EWGA (formerly ELGA) was founded in 1952 as an offshoot of the Ladies Golf Union (LGU), which was, and still is, an organisation spanning the whole of Great Britain and Ireland.


The LGU is concerned with essential policy matters and the organisation of all Britain and Ireland Championships and international events. The EWGA and its counterparts in Ireland, Scotland and Wales handle local events in their own countries, the handicapping system through their membership of the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) and liaison with clubs. The EWGA is also responsible for promoting golf to girls and women in England.

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