Erik Larson (figure skater)

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Erik Larson
Personal information
Country representedUnited States
Bornc. 1969
CoachJanet Champion
Barbara Roles
Carlo Fassi
Skating clubSan Diego FSC

Erik Larson is an American former competitive figure skater. He is the 1985 World Junior champion and won senior international medals at the Nebelhorn Trophy, Grand Prix International St. Gervais, and Skate Electric.

Personal life[edit]

Erik Larson was born in 1968 in Scottsdale, Arizona.[1] Erik is married to a figure skating coach Roseann Crowe Larson. They have a daughter Anabelle which is also a figure skater, born on September 9, 2005 in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. Bella won the 2017 U.S. National Solo Dance Championships in Colorado Springs at the new World Arena and is the 2018 U.S. National Solo Dance Silver Medalist, which was held in Cape Cod, Mass. Her coaches are Marina Zoueva, Johnny Johns, Steven Belanger.[2]


Larson began his skating at age five.[3] He placed fourth at the 1984 World Junior Championships in Sapporo, Japan.

In December 1984, Larson won gold at the 1985 World Junior Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado.[4] He was coached by 1960 Squaw Valley Olympic bronze medalist Barbara Ann Roles Williams.

He invented the "Larson spin" in 1989 while training at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs under Carlo Fassi and Janet Champion.[citation needed] That same year at the 1989 U.S. Nationals, Larson placed third in the short program and became an alternate for the World Championships.[citation needed] At the 1990 U.S. Olympic Festival in St. Paul Minnesota, Larson won the gold medal ahead of 1985 U.S. National Junior men's champion Doug Mattis.

He appeared as "Buttons the cellar boy" in Dorothy Hamill's Ice Capades "Cinderella Frozen in time". He also toured with Gershwin on Ice with Peggy Fleming and The Osmond Brothers tour in Las Vegas. Currently, he is the CEO for BellaICE Skating Events, a portable ice rink company, and coaches at Palm Beach Skate Zone in south Florida for the past 15 years.[5]


Event 82–83 83–84 84–85 85–86 86–87 87–88 88–89 89–90 90–91 91–92
Nebelhorn Trophy 4th 2nd
NHK Trophy 4th
Skate America 6th
Skate Electric 3rd
St. Gervais 4th 1st
International: Junior
Junior Worlds 7th 4th 1st
U.S. Champ. 8th J 2nd J 2nd J 12th 4th 4th 6th 11th
U.S. Olympic Fest. 1st
Pacific Coast 3rd J 1st
Southwest Pacific 2nd J 1st J
J: Junior level


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