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Eugene Charles Ulrich (born November 5, 1938) is a U.S. doctor and the John A. O'Brien Professor emeritus of Hebrew Scripture and Theology in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. He is Chief Editor of the Biblical texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls and one of the three General Editors of the Scrolls International Publication Project. Ulrich has worked under two Editors in Chief on the Scrolls publication project, namely John Strugnell and Emanuel Tov.


Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Ulrich co-authored The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible with Martin Abegg and Peter Flint. He is also a member of the translation teams of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, the Modern English Version, and the New American Bible. He is a specialist in the texts of the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hebrew Scriptures.[1]

As Chief Editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls he published five volumes of critical editions in Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (Oxford) and was an Area Editor for Oxford's Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He received the Award Medal of the University of Helsinki, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and several grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Appointed to the Grinfield Lecturership at the University of Oxford (1998-2000), he was twice elected as President of the International Organization for Septuagint Studies and was invited as a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Recently, he was elected as President of the Catholic Biblical Association and as a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.[1]

Ulrich has the following degrees: Litt.B., Xavier University; Ph.L., Loyola University; M.Div., Woodstock College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University.


  • Discoveries in the Judaean Desert, Volume XII. Qumran Cave 4: VII: Genesis to Numbers Edited by Eugene Ulrich, Frank Moore Cross and James R. Davila, Published by the Oxford University Press
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, Eugene Ulrich, Martin Abegg and Peter Flint, Published by HarperCollins
  • Modern English Version: Amos, Edited by Eugene Ulrich, Stanley M. Horton and James F. Linzey, Published by Passio


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