List of manuscripts from Qumran Cave 11

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List of manuscripts from Qumran Cave 11
Temple Scroll.png
A view of part of the Temple Scroll that was found in Qumran Cave 11.
MaterialParchment, leather
WritingHebrew, Aramaic
CreatedEst. 408 BCE to 318 CE
Present locationQumran

The following is a list of the Dead Sea Scrolls from the cave 11 near Qumran.


Wadi Qumran Cave 11 was discovered in 1956 and yielded 21 texts of Dead Sea Scrolls, some of which were quite lengthy. The Temple Scroll, so called because more than half of it pertains to the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem, was found in Cave 11, and is by far the longest scroll. It is now 26.7 feet (8.15 m) long. Its original length may have been over 28 feet (8.75 m). The Temple Scroll was regarded by Yigael Yadin as "The Torah According to the Essenes". On the other hand, Hartmut Stegemann, a contemporary and friend of Yadin, believed the scroll was not to be regarded as such, but was a document without exceptional significance. Stegemann notes that it is not mentioned or cited in any known Essene writing.[1]

Also in Cave 11, an eschatological fragment about the biblical figure Melchizedek (11Q13) was found. Cave 11 also produced a copy of Jubilees.

According to former chief editor of the DSS editorial team John Strugnell, there are at least four privately owned scrolls from Cave 11, that have not yet been made available for scholars. Among them is a complete Aramaic manuscript of the Book of Enoch·.[2]

List of manuscripts[edit]

Some resources for more complete information on the scrolls are the book by Emanuel Tov, "Revised Lists of the Texts from the Judaean Desert"[3] for a complete list of all of the Dead Sea Scroll texts, as well as the online webpages for the Shrine of the Book[4] and the Leon Levy Collection,[5] both of which present photographs and images of the scrolls and fragments themselves for closer study. Information is not always comprehensive, as content for many scrolls has not yet been fully published.

Fragment or Scroll Identifier Fragment or Scroll Name Alternative Identifier English Bible Association Language Date/Script Description Reference

Qumran Cave 11

11QpaleoLeva Paleo-Leviticusa 11Q1 Leviticus 4:24–26; 10:4–7; 11:27–32; 13:3–9; 13:39–43; 14:16–21; 14:52-15:5; 16:2–4; 16:34–17:5; 18:27–19:4; 20:1–6; 21:6–11; 22:21–27; 23:22–29; 24:9–14; 25:28–36; 26:17–26; 27:11–19 Hebrew Herodian/palaeo-Hebrew script [5]
11QLevb Leviticusb 11Q2 Leviticus Hebrew Herodian/palaeo-Hebrew script [5]
11QDeut Deuteronomy 11Q3 Deuteronomy 1:4-5; 2:28-30 Hebrew 50 CE

Late Herodian

11QEzek Ezekiel 11Q4 Ezekiel Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QPs The Great Psalms Scroll 11Q5 Psalms Hebrew Herodian A unique Psalms scroll with only about a quarter of the Masoretic psalms (in atypical order), three Syriac psalms, one from Ben Sira, and the only known copies of three more unique psalms—Plea for Deliverance, Apostrophe to Zion, and Hymn to the Creator—all of which are unattested by other sources, as well as the short text of David's Compositions. [5]
11QPsa Psalms 11Q5 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QPsb 11Q6 Psalm 77:18–21; 78:1; 109:3–4; 118:1; 118:15–16; 119:163–165; 133:1–3; 141:10; 144:1–2 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QPsc 11Q7 Psalm 2:1–8; 9:3–7; 12:5–9; 13:1–6; 14:1–6; 17:9–15; 18:1–12; 19:4–8; 25:2–7 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QPsd 11Q8 Psalm 6:2–4; 9:3–6; 18:26–29; 18:39–42; 36:13; 37:1–4; 39:13–14; 40:1; 43:1–3; 45:6–8; 59:5–8; 68:1–5; 68:14–18; 78:5–12; 81:4–9; 86:11–14; 115:16–18; 116:1 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QPse 11Q9 Psalm 50:3–7 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QtgJob Targum Job 11Q10 Job Aramaic Herodian A unique Aramaic translation of the Book of Job; presents Job somewhat more favourably. [5]
11QapocrPs Apocryphal Psalms 11Q11 Psalm 91 Hebrew Herodian Apocryphal paraphrase of Psalms 91 [5]
11QJub Jubilees 11Q12 Hebrew Herodian Ethiopic text of Jubilees 4:6–11; 4:13–14; 4:16–17; 4:29–31; 5:1–2; 12:15–17; 12:28–29 [5]
11QMelch Melchizedek 11Q13 Contains Pesher/commentary on Leviticus 25:13; Deuteronomy 15:2; Psalm 7:8-9; 82:2; Isaiah 52:7; Daniel 9:25; Leviticus 25:9 Hebrew 50-25 BCE or 75-50 BCE

Late Hasmonean or Early Herodian

Describes a tenth jubilee and portrays Melchizedek as a messianic agent of salvation, using similar language to that used for Jesus in Hebrews, such as "Heavenly Prince Melchizedek" [5][6]
11Q Sefer ha-Milmah Sefer ha-Milmah ("The Book of War") 11Q14 Hebrew Herodian An account of the final eschatological battle of the Israelites and the Kittim (Romans), including a messianic figure named the "Prince of the Congregation." [5]
11QHymnsa Hymns 11Q15 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QHymnsb 11Q16 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QShirShabb Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice 11Q17 Hebrew Herodian Collection of 13 hymns describing a heavenly temple service. [5]
11QNJ New Jerusalem 11Q18 Aramaic Herodian Appears to be an apocalyptic vision, including some architectural details of a very large city (cf. Ezekiel and Revelation) [5]
11QTa Temple Scroll 11Q19 Hebrew Herodian Rephrases the Pentateuch laws in the spirit of Deuteronomy, seeks to resolve biblical legal conflicts and expand ritual laws. [5]
11QTb Temple Scroll 11Q20 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11QTc 11Q21 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11Q Unidentified Unidentified 11Q22 Hebrew Hasmonean Unidentified fragments. [5]
11Q23 Hebrew Hellenistic-Roman [5]
11Q24 Aramaic Hasmonean [5]
11Q25 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11Q26 Hebrew Herodian [5]
11Q27 Hebrew Hellenistic-Roman [5]
11Q28 Hebrew Hellenistic-Roman [5]
11Q29 Serekh ha-Yahad related
11Q Unidentified Unidentified 11Q30 Hebrew Herodian Unidentified fragments. [5]
11Q Unidentified Unidentified 11Q31 Unidentified wads [7]
11Q9999 Unidentified Hellenistic-Roman [5]

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