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Excel Entertainment Group is a subsidiary of Deseret Book Co. best known for its distribution of many pieces of LDS cinema. Excel Entertainment Group's products deal thematically with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) including Forever Strong (2008), Midway to Heaven (2011), Saints and Soldiers (2003), and 17 Miracles (2011). The Group is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.[1]


Founded by former Disney executive Jeff Simpson in 1995, Excel Entertainment began when four Latter-day Saint-oriented record labels and the separate Excel Distribution company were acquired.[2] On November 15, 2004 Excel and Deseret Book announced they would be merged into one company, with Jeff Simpson taking the role of executive vice president.[3]

List of feature releases[edit]


  • Lumen Records (formerly Embryo Records)
  • Joyspring Records
  • Highway Records (formerly Lightwave Records)
  • Little Stream Records
  • Excel Motion Picture Distribution
  • Excel Retail Distribution


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