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Areas of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints outside US and Canada.

Areas of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in US and

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), an area is an administrative unit that typically is composed of multiple stakes and missions. These areas are the primary church administrative unit between individual stakes or missions and the church as a whole.


The areas as they now exist were formed in January 1984.[1] Prior to that time, general authorities served as "area supervisors" and at times resided outside of Salt Lake City.[2] In 1984, 13 initial areas were created; by 1992 there were 22, and by early 2007 there were 31. As of April 2022, there are 23 areas.[3][4][5]


Until 2003, each area had a president and two counselors, all of whom were typically general authorities (area seventies sometimes served as counselors). This three-man body was known as the area presidency. In that year, the church eliminated these presidencies for areas located in the United States and Canada, which were all then placed under the direct supervision of a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, thus freeing more general authorities from specific area assignments. Since these areas were previously administered by area presidencies located at church headquarters in Salt Lake City, the administrative change was not as drastic as it might seem.

In April 2018, the church announced that, effective August 1 of that year, areas in the United States and Canada would once again be supervised by a three-man presidency. This enabled the Presidency of the Seventy to more fully assist the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in their duties, and to fill other assignments as needed.[6]

The areas outside the United States and Canada continue to be governed by area presidencies that are typically composed of general authorities and area seventies. These presidency members usually reside in a headquarters city located in the geographic boundaries of the area. Area seventies who serve in these presidencies reside in their own homes, which may or may not be in the area headquarters city.

In 2019, church leaders stated that the 10 North American areas would be merged into six (the Idaho Area merged into the North America Central Area; the North America Northwest Area merged into the North America West Area; and the Utah North, Utah Salt Lake City, and Utah South areas merged into a single Utah Area.[7]

Also in 2019, a structural change occurred in the administration of the Middle East/Africa North Area. In prior years, two general authorities based at church headquarters were assigned oversight for the area. However, beginning in August 2019, a three-man area presidency was established to oversee the area. Two of them were general authorities at church headquarters, while the second counselor was an area seventy living in the area.

In 2019, church leaders also announced the division of the Africa Southeast Area, into the Africa Central and Africa South areas, effective August 1, 2020.[8] Two months later, W. Christopher Waddell, second counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, announced in Johannesburg that the new Africa Central Area would be headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.[9]

Then in 2022, additional structural changes affected Europe. The Europe and Europe East areas were split into 3 areas and renamed the Europe Central, Europe East, and Europe North areas. The presidency of the Europe Area became the presidency of the Europe Central Area, with the presidency of the Europe East Area becoming three area seventies. The president and first counselor in the Europe East Area were reassigned to fill the same roles in the Europe North Area, with the second counselor being an area seventy. The area seventy who had been serving as the second counselor in the Europe East Area was designated an assistant to the Europe North Area presidency, specifically overseeing Ukraine and Moldova, which will be separate from a specific area at the current time.[10]

As of April 2022, the church has 17 areas outside North America and six areas inside North America, for a total of 23. With the changes in Europe, the church now has five area seventies serving in area presidencies. Area assignments are generally announced sometime after April's general conference and are effective August 1.[11]

Summary statistics[edit]

Area Members Stakes Dis­tricts Con­gre­ga­tions Missions Temples
Africa Central 163,345 35 20 454 11 1 2 2 5
Africa South 165,935 36 25 470 11 2 1 3 6
Africa West 444,815 134 44 1,583 17 2 2 5 9
Asia[a] 184,136 35 34 409 10 2 3 4 9
Asia North 241,297 38 19 385 11 5 1 1 7
Brazil 1,472,521 281 40 2,176 36 9 2 9 20
Caribbean 223,854 34 23 372 8 3 0 0 3
Central America 822,262 133 28 1,101 19 6 4 2 12
Europe Central 223,324 64 11 694 17 7 0 5 12
Europe East 9,491 3 9 82 6 0 0 1 1
Europe North 282,145 67 7 560 13 7 0 2 9
Unassigned 10,799 2 3 48 2 1 0 0 1
Mexico 1,507,720 227 47 1,863 32 13 3 7 23
Middle East/ Africa North[a] 5,457 2 2 33 0 0 0 1 1
North America Central[b] 1,148,849 304 0 2,765 20 22 4 7 33
North America Northeast[b] 643,071 141 5 1,300 17 13 1 4 18
North America Southeast[b] 618,465 127 0 1,153 16 10 2 4 16
North America Southwest[b] 1,120,569 259 2 2,257 22 14 3 4 21
North America West[b] 1,300,546 273 1 2,219 29 16 4 4 24
Pacific 581,988 140 35 1,278 17 10 5 2 17
Philippines 853,254 125 55 1,272 23 2 4 6 12
South America Northwest 1,503,103 250 46 1,860 34 9 1 6 16
South America South 1,285,696 181 54 1,560 27 6 4 2 12
Utah[b] 2,173,560 629 2 5,412 10 17 11 0 28

O=Operating Temples (includes temporary closures)
U=Temples Under Construction
A=Temples publicly announced to be constructed
T=Total Temples (announced and under construction)

  1. ^ a b Estimates or latest available data were used for countries without released membership and congregational statistics. A significant number of countries in the Middle East/North Africa and Asia Areas don't have official church membership and congregational data and therefore, more reliant on these estimates.
  2. ^ a b c d e f Boundaries for areas follow mission boundaries and not necessarily state/province boundaries. Calculations were done according to state/provincial boundaries. When state/province is split among multiple areas, the area with most predominance in state/province received that state's/provincial membership and congregational statistics for calculation.
    For example, the Utah Area uses membership statistics for the state of Utah, even though parts of the state is outside the Utah Area and area includes portions of other states.

Area details[edit]

The following details are current as of August 1, 2019, and are taken from the LDS Church Growth Blog, statistical profiles on, and the Facts and Statistics page of the church's official website ( Ward and branch totals and membership numbers were last updated in 2015.

Africa Central[edit]

Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

Official Website

163,345 Members, 35 Stakes, 20 Districts, 454 Congregations, 11 Missions, 5 Temples[12]

President: Ian S. Ardern[13][14]

First counselor: Thierry K. Mutombo[15][16]

Second counselor: Paul B. Pieper[13][14]


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi Mission
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo Mbuji-Mayi Mission
  • Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mission
  • Kenya Nairobi Mission


Brazzaville Republic of the Congo Temple (announced)

Kananga Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple (announced)

Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple

Lubumbashi Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple (under construction)

Nairobi Kenya Temple (under construction)

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)

Africa South[edit]

Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa

Official Website

165,935 Members, 36 Stakes, 25 Districts, 470 Congregations, 11 Missions, 6 Temples[12]

Area president: Edward Dube[15][16]

First counselor: Marcos A. Aidukaitis[15][16]

Second counselor: Denelson Silva[15][16]


  • Mozambique Maputo Mission
  • South Africa Cape Town Mission
  • South Africa Durban Mission
  • South Africa Johannesburg Mission
  • South Africa Pretoria Mission[17]
  • Zambia Lusaka Mission
  • Zimbabwe Bulawayo Mission
  • Zimbabwe Harare Mission


Cape Town South Africa Temple (site announced)

Durban South Africa Temple

Harare Zimbabwe Temple (under construction)

Johannesburg South Africa Temple

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)

Africa West[edit]

Headquarters: Accra, Ghana

Official Website

447,186 Members, 134 Stakes, 44 Districts, 990 wards, 606 branches, 17 missions, 9 temples[18]

Area president: S. Gifford Nielsen[15][16]

First counselor: Jörg Klebingat[15][16]

Second counselor: Alfred Kyungu[15][16]


  • Benin Cotonou Mission
  • Côte d'Ivoire Abidjan East Mission
  • Côte d'Ivoire Abidjan North Mission[17]
  • Côte d'Ivoire Abidjan West Mission
  • Côte d'Ivoire Yamoussoukro Mission
  • Ghana Accra Mission
  • Ghana Accra West Mission
  • Ghana Cape Coast Mission
  • Ghana Kumasi Mission
  • Liberia Monrovia Mission
  • Nigeria Aba Mission[17]
  • Nigeria Abuja Mission[17]
  • Nigeria Benin City Mission
  • Nigeria Enugu Mission
  • Nigeria Ibadan Mission
  • Nigeria Lagos Mission
  • Nigeria Owerri Mission
  • Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission
  • Nigeria Uyo Mission
  • Sierra Leone Freetown Mission


Aba Nigeria Temple

Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple (under construction)

Accra Ghana Temple

Benin City Nigeria Temple (site announced)

Eket Nigeria Temple (announced)

Freetown Sierra Leone Temple (under construction)

Kumasi Ghana Temple (site announced)

Lagos Nigeria Temple (site announced)

Monrovia Liberia Temple (announced)

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)


Headquarters: Hong Kong, China

Official Website

184,136 Members, 35 Stakes, 34 Districts, 409 Congregations, 10 Missions, 9 Temples[12]

Area president: Benjamin M. Z. Tai[13][14]

First counselor: Kelly R. Johnson[13][14]

Second counselor: Michael John U. Teh[13][14]


  • Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission
  • China Hong Kong Mission
  • India Bengaluru Mission
  • India New Delhi Mission


Bangkok Thailand Temple (dedication scheduled)

Bengaluru India Temple (under construction)

Hong Kong China Temple

Jakarta Indonesia Temple (announced)

Kaohsiung Taiwan Temple (site announced)

Phnom Penh Cambodia Temple (under construction)

Shanghai People's Republic of China Temple (announced)

Singapore Temple (site announced)

Taipei Taiwan Temple

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)

Asia North[edit]

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Official Website

241,297 Members, 38 Stakes, 19 Districts, 385 Congregations, 11 Missions, 7 Temples[12]

Area president: Takashi Wada[19]

First counselor: John A. McCune[13][14]

Second counselor: J. Kimo Esplin[13][14]


  • Japan Fukuoka Mission
  • Japan Kobe Mission
  • Japan Nagoya Mission
  • Japan Sapporo Mission
  • Japan Tokyo North Mission
  • Japan Tokyo South Mission
  • Korea Busan Mission
  • Korea Seoul Mission


Busan Korea Temple (announced)

Fukuoka Japan Temple

Okinawa Japan Temple (dedication scheduled)

Sapporo Japan Temple

Seoul Korea Temple

Tokyo Japan Temple

Yigo Guam Temple

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)


Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Official Website

1,472,521 Members, 281 Stakes, 40 Districts, 2,176 Congregations, 36 Missions, 20 Temples[21]

Area president: Joni L. Koch[13][14]

First counselor: Arnulfo Valenzuela[13][14]

Second counselor: Mark D. Eddy[13][14]


  • Brazil Belém Mission
  • Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission
  • Brazil Brasília Mission
  • Brazil Campinas Mission
  • Brazil Cuiabá Mission
  • Brazil Curitiba Mission
  • Brazil Curitiba South Mission
  • Brazil Florianópolis Mission
  • Brazil Fortaleza Mission
  • Brazil Fortaleza East Mission
  • Brazil Goiânia Mission
  • Brazil João Pessoa Mission
  • Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission
  • Brazil Londrina Mission
  • Brazil Maceió Mission
  • Brazil Manaus Mission
  • Brazil Natal Mission
  • Brazil Piracicaba Mission
  • Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission
  • Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission
  • Brazil Recife Mission
  • Brazil Recife South Mission
  • Brazil Ribeirão Preto Mission
  • Brazil Rio de Janeiro North Mission
  • Brazil Rio de Janeiro South Mission
  • Brazil Salvador Mission
  • Brazil Salvador South Mission
  • Brazil Santa Maria Mission
  • Brazil Santos Mission
  • Brazil São Paulo East Mission
  • Brazil São Paulo West Mission
  • Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission
  • Brazil São Paulo North Mission
  • Brazil São Paulo South Mission
  • Brazil Teresina Mission
  • Brazil Vitória Mission


Belém Brazil Temple

Belo Horizonte Brazil Temple (under construction)

Brasília Brazil Temple

Campinas Brazil Temple

Curitiba Brazil Temple

Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Londrina Brazil Temple (site announced)

Maceió Brazil Temple (site announced)

Manaus Brazil Temple

Natal Brazil Temple (site announced)

Porto Alegre Brazil Temple

Recife Brazil Temple

Ribeirão Preto Brazil Temple (site announced)

Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple

Salvador Brazil Temple (under construction)

Santos Brazil Temple (site announced)

São Paulo Brazil Temple

São Paulo East Brazil Temple (site announced)

Teresina Brazil Temple (site announced)

Vitória Brazil Temple (site announced)

Geographic coverage:



Headquarters: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Official Website

223,854 Members, 34 Stakes, 23 Districts, 372 Congregations, 8 Missions, 3 Temples[12]

Area president: Eduardo Gavarret[22]

First counselor: Valeri V. Cordon[13][14]

Second counselor: Moises Villanueva[22]



Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple

San Juan Puerto Rico Temple

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)

Central America[edit]

Headquarters: Guatemala City, Guatemala

822,262 Members, 133 Stakes, 28 Districts, 1,101 Congregations, 19 Missions, 12 Temples[12]

Area president: Taylor G. Godoy[13][14]

First counselor: Patricio M. Giuffra<[13][14]

Second counselor: Ryan K. Olsen<[13][14]



Cobán Guatemala Temple (under construction)

Guatemala City Guatemala Temple

Huehuetenango Guatemala Temple (site announced)

Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple (under construction)

Managua Nicaragua Temple (under construction)

Panama City Panama Temple

Retalhuleu Guatemala Temple (announced)

Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple

San José Costa Rica Temple

San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple (under construction)

San Salvador El Salvador Temple

Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple

Geographic coverage:

Europe Central[edit]

Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany

223,324 Members, 64 Stakes, 11 Districts, 694 Congregations, 17 Missions, 12 Temples[12]

Area president: Massimo De Feo[15][16]

First counselor: Ruben V. Alliaud[13][14]

Second counselor: Jack N. Gerard[13][14]



Barcelona Spain Temple (site announced)

Bern Switzerland Temple

Brussels Belgium Temple (announced)

Budapest Hungary Temple (announced)

Frankfurt Germany Temple

Freiberg Germany Temple

Hamburg Germany Temple (announced)

Madrid Spain Temple

Paris France Temple

The Hague Netherlands Temple

Rome Italy Temple

Vienna Austria Temple (announced)

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)

Europe East[edit]

Headquarters: Moscow, Russia

9,491 Members, 3 Stakes, 9 Districts, 82 Congregations, 6 Missions, 1 Temples[12]

Area president: Alexey V. Samaykin (Area Seventy)[15][16]

First counselor: Nikolai Ustyuzhaninov (Area Seventy)[15][16]

Second counselor: Aleksandr A. Drachyov (Area Seventy)[15][16]



Russia Temple (announced)

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)

Europe North[edit]

Headquarters: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Official Website

282,145 Members, 67 Stakes, 7 Districts, 560 Congregations, 13 Missions, 9 Temples[12]

Area president: Hans T. Boom[15][16]

First counselor: Scott D. Whiting[15][16]

Second counselor: Alan T. Phillips[15][16]


  • England Leeds Mission
  • England London Mission
  • England Manchester Mission
  • Finland Helsinki Mission


Birmingham England Temple (announced)

Copenhagen Denmark Temple

Helsinki Finland Temple

Lisbon Portugal Temple

London England Temple

Oslo Norway Temple (site announced)

Praia Cape Verde Temple

Preston England Temple

Stockholm Sweden Temple

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)


As of April 2022, Ukraine and Moldova are not assigned to any of the church's areas. Kyrylo Pokhylko, a Ukrainian area seventy and assistant to the presidency of the Europe North Area has responsibility for the work of the church in those nations.

10,799 Members, 2 Stakes, 3 Districts, 48 Congregations, 2 Missions, 1 Temples[12]

Kyrylo Pokhylko (Area Seventy): Assistant to the Europe North Area Presidency[15][16]


  • Ukraine Kyiv/Moldova Mission


Kyiv Ukraine Temple

Geographic coverage:


Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico

Official Website (Español)

1,507,720 Members, 227 Stakes, 47 Districts, 1,863 Congregations, 32 Missions, 23 Temples[23]

Area president: Hugo Montoya[15][16]

First counselor: Adrian Ochoa[15][16]

Second counselor: Sean Douglas[15][16]


  • Mexico Mexico City East Mission
  • Mexico Mexico City North Mission
  • Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission
  • Mexico Mexico City South Mission
  • Mexico Mexico City Southeast Mission
  • Mexico Mexico City West Mission
  • Mexico Monterrey East Mission
  • Mexico Monterrey West Mission
  • Mexico Oaxaca Mission
  • Mexico Pachuca Mission
  • Mexico Puebla North Mission


Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple

Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Mexico Temple

Culiacán Mexico Temple (announced)

Cuernavaca Mexico Temple (announced)

Guadalajara Mexico Temple

Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple

Mérida Mexico Temple

Mexico City Mexico Temple

Mexico City Benemérito Mexico Temple (site announced)

Monterrey Mexico Temple

Oaxaca Mexico Temple

Pachuca Mexico Temple (announced)

Puebla Mexico Temple (under construction)

Querétaro Mexico Temple (under construction)

San Luis Potosí Mexico Temple (site announced)

Tampico Mexico Temple

Tijuana Mexico Temple

Toluca Mexico Temple (announced)

Torreón Mexico Temple (under construction)

Tula Mexico Temple (announced)

Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico Temple

Veracruz Mexico Temple

Villahermosa Mexico Temple

Geographic coverage:

Middle East/ Africa North[edit]

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

5,457 Members, 2 Stakes, 2 Districts, 33 Congregations, 0 Missions, 1 Temples[12][24]

Area president: Anthony D. Perkins[15][16]

First counselor: Alvin F. Meredith III[15][16]

Second counselor: Roland J. Bäck (Area Seventy)[15][16]


No Missions


Dubai United Arab Emirates Temple (announced)

Geographic coverage:
(Areas where the LDS Church has no official presence in italics)

North America Central[edit]

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

1,148,849 Members, 304 Stakes, 2,765 Congregations, 20 Missions, 33 Temples[12][25]

Area president: Chi Hong (Sam) Wong[15][16]

First counselor: Randall K. Bennett[13][14]

Second counselor: Ricardo P. Gimenezt[13][14]



Bismarck North Dakota Temple

Boise Idaho Temple

Burley Idaho Temple (under construction)

Calgary Alberta Temple

Cardston Alberta Temple

Casper Wyoming Temple (under construction)

Chicago Illinois Temple

Cody Wyoming Temple (site announced)

Denver Colorado Temple

Edmonton Alberta Temple

Fort Collins Colorado Temple

Grand Junction Colorado Temple (under construction)

Helena Montana Temple

Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

Kansas City Missouri Temple

Lethbridge Alberta Temple (site announced)

Meridian Idaho Temple

Missoula Montana Temple (announced)

Montpelier Idaho Temple (under construction)

Nauvoo Illinois Temple

Pocatello Idaho Temple

Regina Saskatchewan Temple

Rexburg Idaho Temple

Springfield Missouri Temple (announced)

St. Louis Missouri Temple

St. Paul Minnesota Temple

Teton River Idaho Temple (site announced)

Twin Falls Idaho Temple

Wichita Kansas Temple (site announced)

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple

Geographic coverage:

North America Northeast[edit]

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

Official Website

643,071 Members, 141 Stakes, 5 Districts, 1,300 Congregations, 17 missions, 18 Temples[12][25]

Area president: Allen D. Haynie[15][16]

First counselor: Vai Sikahema[13][14]

Second counselor: Mathias Held[13][14]



Boston Massachusetts Temple

Cleveland Ohio Temple (site announced)

Columbus Ohio Temple

Detroit Michigan Temple

Grand Rapids Michigan Temple (site announced)

Halifax Nova Scotia Temple

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Temple (announced)

Hartford Connecticut Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Manhattan New York Temple

Montreal Quebec Temple

Palmyra New York Temple

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple (under construction)

Richmond Virginia Temple

Toronto Ontario Temple

Winchester Virginia Temple (announced)

Geographic coverage:

North America Southeast[edit]

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

618,465 Members, 127 Stakes, 1,153 Congregations, 16 Missions, 16 Temples[12][25]

Area president: Vern P. Stanfill[15][16]

First counselor: Shayne M. Bowen[13][14]

Second counselor: W. Mark Bassett[13][14]



Atlanta Georgia Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Bentonville Arkansas Temple

Birmingham Alabama Temple

Charlotte North Carolina Temple (site announced)

Columbia South Carolina Temple

Jacksonville Florida Temple (announced)

Louisville Kentucky Temple

Memphis Tennessee Temple

Knoxville Tennessee Temple (site announced)

Nashville Tennessee Temple

Orlando Florida Temple

Raleigh North Carolina Temple

Tallahassee Florida Temple (under construction)

Tampa Florida Temple (site announced)

Geographic coverage:

North America Southwest[edit]

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

1,120,569 Members, 259 Stakes, 2 Districts, 1,948 Congregations, 22 Missions, 21 Temples[12][25]

Area president: Evan A. Schmutz[13][14]

First counselor:Jose L. Alonso[15][16]

Second counselor: Michael A. Dunn[15][16]



Albuquerque New Mexico Temple

Austin Texas Temple (site announced)

Dallas Texas Temple

Elko Nevada Temple (under construction)

Farmington New Mexico Temple (under construction)

Fort Worth Texas Temple (groundbreaking scheduled)

Gila Valley Arizona Temple

Gilbert Arizona Temple

Houston Texas Temple

Las Vegas Nevada Temple

Lone Mountain Nevada Temple (site announced)

Lubbock Texas Temple

McAllen Texas Temple (dedication scheduled)

Mesa Arizona Temple

Monticello Utah Temple

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple

Prosper Texas Temple (announced)

Phoenix Arizona Temple

Reno Nevada Temple

San Antonio Texas Temple

Snowflake Arizona Temple

Tucson Arizona Temple

Geographic coverage:

North America West[edit]

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

1,300,546 Members, 273 Stakes, 1 Districts, 2,219 Congregations, 29 Missions, 24 Temples[12][25]

Area president: Mark A. Bragg[15][16]

First counselor: Gary B. Sabin[13][14]

Second counselor: Adeyinka A. Ojediran[13][14]



Anchorage Alaska Temple

Bakersfield California Temple (site announced)

Columbia River Washington Temple

Feather River California Temple (dedication scheduled)

Fresno California Temple

Kona Hawaii Temple

Laie Hawaii Temple

Los Angeles California Temple

Medford Oregon Temple

Modesto California Temple (groundbreaking scheduled)

Moses Lake Washington Temple

Newport Beach California Temple

Oakland California Temple

Portland Oregon Temple

Redlands California Temple

Sacramento California Temple

San Diego California Temple

San Jose California Temple (site announced)

Seattle Washington Temple

Spokane Washington Temple

Tacoma Washington Temple (announced)

Vancouver British Columbia Temple

Willamette Valley Oregon Temple (under construction)

Yorba Linda California Temple (under construction)

Geographic coverage:


Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand

Official website

581,988 Members, 140 Stakes, 35 Districts, 1,278 Congregations, 17 Missions, 17 Temples[12]

Area president: Peter F. Meurs[13][14]

First counselor: Taniela B. Wakolo[13][14]

Second counselor: Jeremy R. Jaggi[13][14]



Adelaide Australia Temple

Apia Samoa Temple

Auckland New Zealand Temple (under construction)

Brisbane Australia Temple

Hamilton New Zealand Temple

Melbourne Australia Temple

Neiafu Tonga Temple (under construction)

Nuku'alofa Tonga Temple

Pago Pago American Samoa Temple (under construction)

Papeete Tahiti Temple

Perth Australia Temple

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Temple (under construction)

Port Vila Vanuatu Temple (under construction)

Suva Fiji Temple

Sydney Australia Temple

Tarawa Kiribati Temple (site announced)

Wellington New Zealand Temple (site announced)

Geographic coverage:


Headquarters: Manila, Philippines

Official Website

853,254 Members, 125 Stakes, 55 Districts, 1,272 Congregations, 23 Missions, 12 Temples[27]

Area president: Steven R. Bangerter[15][16]

First counselor: Yoon Hwan Choi[15][16]

Second counselor: Carlos G. Revillo Jr.[15][16]



Alabang Philippines Temple (under construction)

Bacolod Philippines Temple (under construction)

Cagayan de Oro Philippines Temple (announced)

Cebu City Philippines Temple

Davao Philippines Temple (under construction)

Iloilo Philippines Temple (announced)

Manila Philippines Temple

Naga Philippines Temple (announced)

Santiago Philippines Temple (announced)

Tacloban City Philippines Temple (announced)

Tuguegarao City Philippines Temple (announced)

Urdaneta Philippines Temple (under construction)

Geographic coverage:

South America Northwest[edit]

Headquarters: Lima, Peru

Official Website (Spanish)

1,503,103 Members, 250 Stakes, 46 Districts, 1,860 Congregations, 34 Missions, 16 Temples[12]

Area president: Jorge F. Zeballos[15][16]

First counselor: Jorge T. Becerra[15][16]

Second counselor: Rafael E. Pino[15][16]



Arequipa Peru Temple

Barranquilla Colombia Temple

Bogotá Colombia Temple

Cali Colombia Temple (site announced)

Caracas Venezuela Temple

Chiclayo Peru Temple (announced)

Cochabamba Bolivia Temple

Cusco Peru Temple (announced)

Guayaquil Ecuador Temple

Iquitos Peru Temple (announced)

La Paz Bolivia Temple (site announced)

Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple (dedication scheduled)

Lima Peru Temple

Quito Ecuador Temple

Santa Cruz Bolivia Temple (site announced)

Trujillo Peru Temple

Geographic coverage:

South America South[edit]

Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Official Website (Spanish)

1,284,696 Members, 181 Stakes, 54 Districts, 1,560 Congregations, 27 Missions, 12 Temples[12]

Area president: Craig C. Christensen[15][16]

First counselor: Joaquin E. Costa[15][16]

Second counselor: Alan R. Walker[15][16]



Antofagasta Chile Temple (under construction)

Asunción Paraguay Temple

Bahía Blanca Argentina Temple (under construction)

Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

Buenos Aires City Center Argentina Temple (announced)

Concepción Chile Temple

Córdoba Argentina Temple

Mendoza Argentina Temple (under construction)

Montevideo Uruguay Temple

Salta Argentina Temple (under construction)

Santiago Chile Temple

Santiago West Chile Temple (site announced)

Geographic coverage:


Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

Official Website

2,173,560 Members, 629 Stakes, 2 Districts, 5,412 Congregations, 10 Missions, 28 Temples[12][25]

Area president: Kevin W. Pearson

First counselor: Hugo E. Martinez[13][14]

Second counselor: Brian K. Taylor[13][14]


  • Utah Salt Lake City Mission
  • Utah Salt Lake City Headquarters Mission
  • Utah Salt Lake City West Mission
  • Utah Salt Lake City South Mission
  • Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission
  • Utah St. George Mission



Bountiful Utah Temple

Brigham City Utah Temple

Cedar City Utah Temple

Deseret Peak Utah Temple (under construction)

Draper Utah Temple

Ephraim Utah Temple (under construction)

Heber Valley Utah Temple (under construction)

Jordan River Utah Temple

Layton Utah Temple (under construction)

Lindon Utah Temple (under construction)

Logan Utah Temple

Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple

Ogden Utah Temple

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

Orem Utah Temple (dedication scheduled)

Payson Utah Temple

Provo City Center Temple

Provo Utah Temple

Red Cliffs Utah Temple (under construction)

St. George Utah Temple

Salt Lake Temple

Saratoga Springs Utah Temple

Smithfield Utah Temple (under construction)

Star Valley Wyoming Temple

Syracuse Utah Temple (under construction)

Taylorsville Utah Temple (under construction)

Vernal Utah Temple

Geographic coverage:

Utah; Arizona (small portion); Idaho (small portion); Nevada (small portion); Wyoming (southwest corner)

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