FAW Championship South & Mid

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FAW Championship South & Mid
Country Wales (16 teams)
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toWelsh Premier League
Relegation toFAW League One
Domestic cup(s)Welsh League Cup
Welsh Cup
2019–20 season

The FAW Championship South & Mid[1] is a regional football league in Wales which forms one of two parts of the FAW Championship. It has semi-professional status clubs and is at the second level of the Welsh football league system. The first year of its operation will be 2019-20 with the Football Association of Wales owning and administering the Tier 2 leagues for the first time. These changes follow from a review of the Welsh Football Pyramid.[2]

Prior to 2019, the equivalent league was the Welsh Football League Division One, covering South Wales. The FAW Championship North & Mid exists in parallel in North and Central Wales, also at the second tier.

Member clubs for 2019–20 season[edit]

52 teams applied for Tier 2 certification.[3] Subject to FAW approval, the following expected sixteen teams will make up the division:

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