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Fatty Fudge is a British comics character who is most associated with the British comics magazine The Beano. He was originally a supporting character in Minnie the Minx by Leo Baxendale, but eventually received his own spin-off comic.


As his name suggests he is a big fat boy with an addiction to unhealthy food and in particular confectionery. He is very greedy and would do anything for food, which Minnie often uses to her advantage. He is largely confined to supporting roles in the Minnie the Minx cartoon strip in which, alongside Minnie's other rival Soppy Susan, he is usually the butt of Minnie's pranks, although his services are occasionally engaged by Minnie for the furtherence of her schemes. His real name is Frederick.


From 1989–1991, however, Fatty had his own spin-off strip devoted entirely to the parodying of famous films. Examples of this include Ghost Burgers, Toast Busters (both puns on Ghostbusters), You only eat Rice (You Only Live Twice), Sleeping Fatty (Sleeping Beauty), Frankfurterstein (Frankenstein), Fishfinger (Goldfinger), Live and Let Diet (Live and Let Die), The Incredible Bulk (The Incredible Hulk), 2001: A Space Obesity (2001: A Space Odyssey), and 20,000 Leeks Under the Sea (20.000 Leagues Under the Sea). He also appeared in a parody of the British quiz show Bob's Full House, called "Slob's Full Tum", where contestants had to eat as much as they could and whoever got a full tum in the quickest time was the winner. The game show was hosted by "Slob Monkhouse", again a parody of the original host name Bob Monkhouse. These strips were all drawn by Jim Petrie, the Minnie the Minx artist at that time.

The strip reappeared in Issue 3616, dated 17 December 2011, it was so former artist Jim Petrie could get a proper retirement. The comic asked for ideas for the strip on Beano.com. In the end, the winning idea was "The Tummy Returns", suggested by William Clyde, this appeared in the comic. Other suggestions that were considered good by Petrie included: "Iron (stomach) Man" (Iron Man), "A-lard-in" (Aladdin), "Harry Scoffer and the order on Phoenix Street" (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), all from Harry Rickard, "Currynation Street" (Coronation Street) and "The Fat in the Hat" (The Cat in the Hat), both by Oliver Forde.