Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5

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Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5
StarringRohit Shetty(Host)[1]
Country of originIndia
No. of episodes20
Original networkColors TV
Original release22 March (2014-03-22) –
25 May 2014 (2014-05-25)
← Previous
Season 4
Next →
Season 6

Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Darr Ka Blockbuster[2] is the fifth season of India's stunt/action reality game show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi,[3][4][5] based on the American Fear Factor.[6] The series premiered on Colors TV.[7] The show is hosted by filmmaker Rohit Shetty.[8][9][10][11] the first episode was narrated by Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan.[12]


Contestant Occupation Status
Rajneesh Duggal[13] Actor, model Winner
Gurmeet Choudhary[14][15] Actor Runner up
Nikitin Dheer[16][17] Actor 2nd Runner up
Debina Bonnerjee[18] TV actress 3rd Runner up
Salman Yusuff Khan[19] Dancer, choreographer, actor finalist
Karanvir Bohra[20] Actor, Producer, TV anchor finalist
Teejay Sidhu[21] Actor,VJ,Radio host finalist
Gauhar Khan[22][23] Model, Actress Finalist 6th
Ranvir Shorey[24] Actor Semi Finalist 7th(eliminated 1st in the finale)
Deana Uppal[25][26] Actress, model Eliminated on 11 may 2014[27]
Ajaz Khan[28] Model, actor Eliminated on 4 May 2014[29]
Geeta Tandon[30] Stunt woman Eliminated on 27 April 2014[31]
Dayanand Shetty TV actor, businessman Eliminated on 20 April 2014[32][33][34]
Kushal Tandon[35] Actor, model Left due to Injury on 13 April 2014[36]
Mugdha Godse[37][38] Actress, model Eliminated on 13 April 2014[39]
Rochelle Rao[40] Model, anchor Eliminated on 6 April 2014[41][42]
Pooja Gor[43] TV actress Eliminated on 30 March 2014[44]

Elimination chart[edit]

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rajneesh Safe Safe BTM3 Safe BTM3 Safe Safe BTM3 Win Win Winner
Gurmeet Win Win Win Win Jacket Safe Win Safe Win Win 1st runner-up
Nikitin BTM3 Safe BTM3 BTM3 Win Safe Safe BTM3 BTM3 Win 2nd runner-up
Debina BTM3 BTM3 Win Win Win Safe BTM3 Win Win Safe Win Elim
Salman Win Win Win Win Win Win BTM3 Jacket Win BTM3 Elim
Teejay Not in Competition Wild-Card WIN Safe Win Win Win Win BTM3 Elim
Karanvir Not in Competition Wild-Card BTM3 Safe Win Win BTM3 Win BTM3 Elim
Gauhar Safe BTM3 Win BTM3 Safe Elim Safe BTM3 Win Elim
Ranvir BTM3 Win Safe Win Win Win BTM3 BTM3 BTM3 Elim
Deana Not in Competition Wild-Card Safe BTM3 BTM3 Elim
Ajaz Not in Competition Wild-Card Safe BTM3 Elim
Geeta Safe Safe Win BTM3 Safe Elim
Dayanand BTM3 Win BTM3 BTM3 Elim
Kushal Win Win Win QUIT
Mugdha Win BTM3 Safe Elim
Rochelle BTM3 BTM3 Elim
Pooja Win Elim
     The contestant won.
     The contestant was the runner-up.
     The contestants were Eliminated during the final.
     The contestant to the ticket to finale
     The three other finalists
     The contestant won the stunt task.
     The contestant was saved by Rohit.
     Indicates the contestant was not in the competition.
     Indicates the contestant wild card entry in the competition.
     The contestant was in the bottom two.
     The contestant was Voted-out.
     The contestant quit the competition.


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