Federal Ministry of Interior (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Federalno ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova
Federalno ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova
Logo of the Federal Ministry of Interior (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina).jpg
Agency overview
Formed 1996
Headquarters Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Annual budget Classified
Ministers responsible
  • Aljoša Čampara, Minister of Interior
Agency executives
  • Milica Jauz, Head of Department for Public Relations
  • Katarina Stević, Head of Department for International Cooperation
Website www.fmup.gov.ba

The Federal Ministry of Interior (FMUP) (Bosnian: Federalno ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova; Croatian: Federalno ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova; Serbian: Federalno ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova) is the interior ministry of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Internal Organization[edit]

  • Cabinet of Minister
  • Sector for Administrative Issues
  • Police Academy
  • Inspectorate for Supervision of the Agencies for Protection of Persons and Property
  • Sector for Material-Financial Affairs
  • Sector for General and Common Affairs
  • Desk for Professional and Administrative Issues Related to Office for Complaints of Public

Internal Organization of the Federal Police Administration[edit]

Under the Ministry itself there is an administration dealing with the police directly which is the Federal Police Administration:

  • Cabinet of the Director of Police Administration
  • Sector for Police Support and Administration
  • Special Police Unit
  • Unit for Protection of Persons and Property
  • Sector of Criminological Police
  • Center for Forensics and Support
  • Unit for Professional Standards
  • Operative-Communicational Center
  • Department for Control of Manufacture, Marketing and Transport of Explosive Substances


  • preventing and disclosing criminal acts of the international crime and terrorism, unauthorized narcotics trafficking and organized crime and other criminal acts falling under jurisdiction of the Federation BiH;
  • tracing and capture of those who committed such criminal acts and their handing over to the relevant authorities;
  • providing criminological-technical expert opinions;
  • issues and publishes INTERPOL's international, Federal and inter-cantonal pursuits;
  • cooperates with relevant prosecutor's offices related to processing the criminal cases;
  • Federation’s citizenship issues;
  • providing security services to eligible persons and buildings of the Federation;
  • safeguard of human rights and civil freedoms in area of the interior affairs;
  • transport of explosive substances;
  • other tasks falling under its competence as established by the law on Interior Affairs and other regulations.

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