Ministry of Interior (Ghana)

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Ministry of the Interior
Coat of arms of Ghana.svg
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Ghana
Headquarters P.O Box M42, Accra
Annual budget 406.207 million GH¢ (2012)[1]
Minister responsible

The Ministry of the Interior is a ministry of the government of Ghana mandated to ensure internal security, as well as the maintenance of law and order in the country. The successes achieved in the socio-economic sphere of the nation and the realization of Government’s plans and programmes under the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) as well as the various Presidential Special Initiatives (PSIs) was largely achieved because the country had experienced a relatively safe and secure environment.[2]

About the Ministry[edit]

The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Interior, who is appointed by the President of Ghana and is approved by the Ghana Parliament after a vetting process. The Minister of Interior is Ambrose Dery since August 2014.

Objectives of the Ministry[edit]

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the Ministry, it has it functions being divided into seven major objectives. These are aimed at achieving the wholist purpose of the Ministries aim of maintaining internal peace:[2]

  1. Ensure adequate protection of life and property.
  2. Ensure effective and efficient crime prevention and detection.
  3. Strengthen disaster prevention, management and social mobilisation.
  4. Regulate and monitor the entry, stay and exit of nationals of all countries.
  5. Develop a highly efficient and humane custodial and reformatory system.
  6. Improve institutional capacity.
  7. Improve the public relations system.

Related agencies[edit]

The Ministry of Interior being the government's chief agency in charge of maintenance and enforcement of Internal Law and Order has agencies under it that have specific functions aimed at achieving the overall purpose of the Ministry and the country as a whole. The Institutions through which the Ministry performs its functions are:[3]


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