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The Fey Series is a series of fantasy novels by Kristine Kathryn Rusch features a warlike elfin race of that name with powerful magick.

Plot summary[edit]

For centuries the Fey have expanded their empire, bloodily crushing any resistance with their magick. But their conquests are unexpectedly stalled when they invade an island kingdom inhabited by a supposedly non-magical race of humans. It eventually transpires that the island contains a "Place of Power" similar to the original source of the Fey's magick, but most of the islanders forgot about it or subverted the knowledge into religious rituals, so that when their magical abilities do manifest themselves they usually do so at unexpected times and in surprising ways.

A marriage between the island's prince and the Fey Black King's granddaughter brings a temporary truce that ends with her murder and that of the islander king, but several years later the new islander king and his half-Fey son and daughter discover the Place of Power and use its power to kill the Black King. The half-Fey princess declares herself the new Black Queen and ends the least until the sequel series, The Books of the Black Throne.

The Fey Series[edit]

ISBNs refer to US paperback editions

  1. The Sacrifice (1995) ISBN 0-553-56894-9
  2. The Changeling (1996) ISBN 0-553-56895-7
  3. The Rival (1997) ISBN 0-553-56896-5
  4. The Resistance (1998) ISBN 0-553-57713-1
  5. Victory (1998) ISBN 0-553-57714-X
  6. The Black Queen
  7. The Black King