List of county roads in Duval County, Florida

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County roads in Florida
County roads in Duval County

Duval County, Florida (located in north-east Florida) operates a system of county roads that serve all portions of the county.

The numbers and routes of all Florida highways are assigned by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), while county road numbers are assigned by the counties, with guidance from FDOT.[1] North-south routes are generally assigned odd numbers, while east-west routes are generally assigned even numbers.[2]

List of county roads in Duval County, Florida[edit]

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
CR 21B Commonwealth Avenue CR 103 (Lane Avenue) McDuff Avenue former SR 21B[3]
CR 21D Golfair Boulevard, Moncrief Road SR 111 (West Edgewood Avenue) I-95 / SR 122 (Golfair Boulevard) former SR 21D[3]
CR 99 Monument Road
CR 101A San Pablo Road SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Boulevard) SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard) former SR 101A[3]
CR 103 Lane Avenue US 90 (West Beaver Street) / SR 103 (Lane Avenue) Old Kings Road former SR 103[3]
CR 106 Capper Road Woodley Creek Boulevard SR 115 (Lem Turner Road) former SR 106[3]
CR 106B North Campus Boulevard CR 106 (Capper Road) SR 104 (Dunn Avenue) former SR 106B[3]
CR 109A Cesery Boulevard former SR 109A[3]
CR 110 Duval Road SR 104 (Dunn Avenue)
Biscayne Boulevard
I-295 (International Airport Boulevard) / SR 243
SR 102 (Airport Road)
former SR 110[3]; SR 243 and Biscayne Boulevard split CR 110 in two.
CR 115A Soutel Drive US 1 / US 23 (New Kings Road) SR 115 (Lem Turner Road) former SR 115A[3]
CR 115C Chaffee Road SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard) US 90 (West Beaver Street) former SR 115C[3]
CR 116 Sunbeam Road SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) US 1 (Philips Highway) former SR 116[3]
CR 117 Jones Road, Garden Street, Trout River Boulevard US 90 (West Beaver Street) US 1 / US 23 (New Kings Road) former SR 117[3]
CR 119 Otis Road US 90 (Beaver Street West) Duval-Nassau County Line former SR 119[3]
CR 121 Brandy Branch Road US 90 (Beaver Street West) Duval-Nassau County Line former SR 121[3]
CR 163 Busch Drive SR 105 (Zoo Parkway) US 17 (Main Street) / SR 104 (Busch Drive) former SR 163[3]
CR 203 Ponta Vedra Boulevard St. Johns–Duval county line SR A1A (3rd Street) former SR 203[3]
CR 211 Ortega Boulevard, Grand Avenue, San Juan Avenue US 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) SR 128 (San Juan Avenue) / SR 211 (Herschel Street) former SR 211[3]
CR 212 Beach Boulevard US 90 (Beach Boulevard) / SR A1A (3rd Street) First Street former SR 212[3]
CR 213 Old Middleburg Road, Lenox Avenue SR 134 (103rd Street) Luna Street / Rayford Street former SR 213[3]
CR 217 Yellow Water Road Clay-Duval County Line
SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard)
SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard)
US 90
former SR 217[3]; SR 228 splits CR 217 in two.
CR 228 Maxville–Macclenny Road Baker–Duval county line US 301 former SR 228[3]
CR 228 Post Street SR 129 (McDuff Avenue) / SR 228 (Post Street) SR 211 (Riverside Avenue) former US 17 / SR 15 / SR 228[3]