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The Forest Protection Service (German: Forstschutzkommando), later the Forest Protection Corps (German: Forstschutzkorps), was an armed and uniformed paramilitary force created by the General Government which was responsible for defending forests in Poland from sabotage and for patrolling forests to prevent their use by the Polish resistance.[1][2] It was formed in 1939 and largely composed of ethnic German residents of Poland.[2]

Equivalent Rank Rank in FSK
Grenadier Forstschütze
Gefreiter Rottenführer
Obergefreiter Oberrottenführer
Unteroffizier Scharführer
Unterfeldwebel Oberscharführer
Feldwebel Truppführer
Oberfeldwebel Obertruppführer
Senior ranks Ranks and insignia of the Forest protection (Nazi Germany)

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