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French people in Korea
Total population
5,343 (2015)[1]
Regions with significant populations
French, Korean
Related ethnic groups
French people

There is a small community of French people in Korea.


French people began coming to Korea as early as the seventeenth century, when French Catholic missionaries first came to the country.[2] However, most missionaries came after the 1886 establishment of relations between France and the Joseon dynasty; the treaty signed between the two countries gave French missionaries the right to evangelise in Korea.[3][4]


There were an estimated 5,343 French nationals in South Korea as of 2016.[5] Most are employed by French multinationals operating in the country. The largest concentration can be found in the Seorae Village in Seoul's Seocho-gu district, which because of its location on a hill is often compared to Montmartre in Paris. Korea's only school using French as the medium of instruction moved there in 1984.[6] Most French children only attend elementary or middle school in Seoul, but then return to France afterwards.[7]

In September 2009, the Seoul metropolitan government announced a five billion-won plan to renovate the area and make it more attractive to foreign residents by widening pedestrian walkways and putting up more signs in French.[7] One portion of the pavement, starting from the entrance to Bangbae Middle School, is painted in red, white and blue, the colours of the flag of France.[8]

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