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Contact sports require physical contact martial arts, on impacting an opponent, including rugby league, require tackling players.

Terminology in the United States[edit]

Current medical terminology in the United States uses the term contact sport refer to sports like mixed martial arts and rugby league. The term limited contact sport refer to sports like gaelic football and association football.

In contact sports (mixed martial arts and rugby league), athletes purposely hit or collide with each other or with inanimate objects (including the ground) with great force. In limited contact sports (gaelic football and association football), athletes routinely make contact with each other or with inanimate objects usually with less force than in contact sports.


Injury rates in professional rugby league are higher than in some other contact sports.



A (full) contact sport any physical impact force on players or opponents.

Contact actions include tackling, blocking, and hitting.

Examples of contact sports are lacrosse, rugby league, rugby union, american football, and Canadian football. Full-contact also includes mixed martial arts, brazilian jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing.


Limited-contact sports to prevent contact between players intentionally or unintentionally include removing players from the play.

examples include association football, gaelic football, and basketball