Gaor Bheinn

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Gaor Bheinn
Gulvain from Gleann Fionnlighe - - 221315.jpg
Highest point
Elevation987 m (3,238 ft) [1]
Prominence842 m (2,762 ft) Ranked 23rd in British Isles
Parent peakCarn Eige
ListingMunro, Marilyn
English translationdirty hill or noisy hill
Language of nameGaelic
PronunciationScottish Gaelic: [ˈkɯːɾveɲ]
LocationHighland, Scotland
OS gridNN002875

Gaor Bheinn, also known as Gulvain or Culvain, is a mountain in Scotland, to the north of the road west of Fort William (from which it is usually climbed), and south of Loch Arkaig. It is composed of banded granite and shaped like a letter Y, with two tops connected by a ridge running from northeast to southwest, with the northern top 6 m higher than the one to the south. Crags drop at either end, and steep slopes fall away to either side.

The south ridge path is really a stream bed, so in wet conditions an easier if longer ascent from Na Socachan is to walk up Allt a Choire Reidh towards Gualann nan Osna and climb the south top's north-west ridge.


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Coordinates: 56°56′08″N 5°17′08″W / 56.93553°N 5.28558°W / 56.93553; -5.28558