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Barr Trí gCom
A foggy day on the summit of Baurtregaum, Slieve Mish - - 332923.jpg
A foggy day on the summit of Baurtregaum
Highest point
Elevation851 m (2,792 ft) [1][2]
Prominence643 m (2,110 ft) [1]
ListingHewitt, Marilyn
Coordinates52°12′25″N 9°49′46″W / 52.207066°N 9.829476°W / 52.207066; -9.829476
English translationtop of the three hollows
Language of nameIrish
Baurtregaum is located in island of Ireland
Location in Ireland
LocationDingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Republic of Ireland
Parent rangeSlieve Mish Mountains
OSI/OSNI gridQ749076

Baurtregaum or Bartregaum (from Irish: Barr Trí gCom, meaning "top of the three hollows")[1][3] is an 851 m (2,792 ft) mountain peak in County Kerry, Ireland.


The mountain is the highest of the Slieve Mish Mountains and the 17th highest peak in Ireland.[1]

Baurtregaum and the Slieve Mish mountains sit at the eastern end of the Dingle Peninsula. To the west of Baurtregaum is the peak of Caherconree (835 m), to the north the peak of Scragg (657 m), and to the west Glanbrack Mountain.


The "three hollows" mentioned in the Irish name are probably the valleys of Derrymore, Derryquay and Curraheen, which cut into the sides of the mountain.[1]

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