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Word/nameBengali Hindu
Region of originBengal

Ghosh or Ghose (Bengali: ঘোষ) is a native Bengali surname that is found among the Bengali Hindu community of India and Bangladesh.

Ghoshes mostly belong to Kayastha caste in Bengal. The Bengali Kayasthas evolved as a caste from a category of officials or scribes, between the 5th/6th century AD and 11th/12th century AD, its component elements being putative Kshatriyas and mostly Brahmins.[1] Ghoshes are considered as Kulin Kayasthas of Soukalin gotra, along with Boses, Guhas and Mitras.[2]

Ghosh is also used as surname by the Sadgop and Goala/Gowala (caste) in Bengal.[3][4][5]

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