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"Ging Gang Gooli(-e)" or "Ging Gang Goo" (below “Ging Gang”) is a gibberish Scouting song, widely spread around the world. It is popular among Scouts and Girl Guides.


In 1920, for the first World Scout Jamboree, Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell (the founder of Scouting) decided that a nonsense song was needed, one that everyone would find equally difficult to learn. He borrowed the tune from Mozart’s Symphony No.1 in Eb major and penned the words to the song which became an instant hit among the Scouts and Scouters.[1] In 1991, Dorothy Unterschutz, a Canadian Scout Leader from Edmonton published a story about the song entitled The Great Grey Ghost Elephant which was published in Scouts Canada's "The Leader" magazine in 1991 (June–July issue, Page 7) which is a public domain[citation needed] dramatization[2] of the song.


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