Ging Gang Goolie

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"Ging Gang Gooli(-e)" or "Ging Gang Goo" (below “Ging Gang”) is a gibberish Scouting song, widely spread around the world. It is popular among Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.


In 1920, for the first World Scout Jamboree, Baden-Powell (the founder of Scouting) decided that a nonsense song was needed, one that everyone would have just as difficult of a time learning. He borrowed the tune from Mozart’s Symphony No.1 in Eb major and penned the words to the song which became an instant hit among the Scouts and Scouters.[1] In 1991, Dorothy Unterschutz, a Canadian Scout Leader from Edmonton published a story about the song entitled The Great Grey Ghost Elephant which was published in Scouts Canada's "The Leader" magazine in 1991 (June–July issue, Page 7) which is a public domain[citation needed] dramatization[2] of the song.


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