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Gothics from Big Slide.jpg
Gothics from Big Slide Mountain
Highest point
Elevation4,734 ft (1,443 m) [1]
Prominence699 ft (213 m) [1]
Listing#10 Adirondack High Peaks
Coordinates44°07′41″N 73°51′26″W / 44.1281079°N 73.8570849°W / 44.1281079; -73.8570849Coordinates: 44°07′41″N 73°51′26″W / 44.1281079°N 73.8570849°W / 44.1281079; -73.8570849[2]
LocationKeene, New York, U.S.
Parent rangeGreat Range
Topo mapUSGS Keene Valley
Easiest routeHike

Gothics is a mountain in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountains. The mountain gets its name due to its large rock slides' resemblance to Gothic architecture. The summit has near 360 degree views, which combined with its location in the High Peaks Region, gives splendid views of the Adirondacks.



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