Couchsachraga Peak

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Couchsachraga Peak
Couchsachraga Peak is located in New York
Couchsachraga Peak
Couchsachraga Peak
Highest point
Elevation 3,793 ft (1,156 m) [1]
Prominence 250 ft (76 m) [1]
Listing Adirondack High Peaks
Coordinates 44°05′44″N 74°09′37″W / 44.0956146°N 74.1601539°W / 44.0956146; -74.1601539Coordinates: 44°05′44″N 74°09′37″W / 44.0956146°N 74.1601539°W / 44.0956146; -74.1601539[2]
Location Newcomb, Essex County, New York
Parent range Santanoni Mountains
Topo map USGS Santanoni Peak

Couchsachraga Peak is a mountain located in Essex County, New York. "Couchsachraga" is based on an Algonquin or Huron name for the area, meaning "dismal wilderness".[3] The mountain is part of the Santanoni Mountains of the Adirondacks. Couchsachraga Peak is flanked to the east by Panther Peak. There is no marked trail to the summit, which, being fully forested, has no views.

Couchsachraga Peak stands within the watershed of the Cold River, which drains into the Raquette River, the Saint Lawrence River in Canada, and into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The southern sides of Couchsachraga drains into Calahan Brook, thence into Moose Creek and the Cold River. The northeast and northern sides of Couchsachraga drain via several brooks into the Cold River.

According to the 1897 survey of the Adirondacks, the height of Couchsachraga Peak was over 4,000 feet (1,219 m), so it was included in the 46 High Peaks; the 1953 USGS found it and three other peaks to be lower, but the list has not been changed. Couchsachraga is within New York's Adirondack Park.

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