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Grant Park is a neighbourhood in Winnipeg's south end. Its general boundaries are Pembina Hwy. to the east. Corydon Ave. to the north. Taylor Ave. to the south, and Cambridge St. to the west.


Prior to the mid-1950s the Canadian National Railway owned railway track adjacent to Woodward Ave. When the ground sank, the builders had to refix it with cement, rocks and gravel. This was between Pembina Hwy. and Cambridge St. This track was later declared surplus and sold to the City. The tracks were removed, the ground was redone, the street expanded to include a service road and renamed Grant Ave.

In the late 1960s, the Grant Park Shopping Centre complex was built. It originally featured a Woolco, Gambles, Safeway, and Dominion stores.

Pan Am Pool was built so that Winnipeg could host the 1967 Pan American Games. Until 2006 it was home to the Canadian Aquatic Hall of Fame.

Around the same time the shopping centre, and PanAm Pool were being constructed, various mid-rise and hi-rise apartment buildings were being built.


As of 2006, the population of the Grant Park neighbourhood is 2,700 people.[1] About 18% of the people are a visible minority, and 9% of them are Aboriginal. 21% of the people are not affiliated with any religions. The average household income in the area is $41,738.

Racial Groups in Grant Park, Winnipeg[1]
Population group Population (2006)  % of total population (2006)
White 1,965 72.8%
Visible minority group South Asian 65 2.4%
East Asian 175 6.5%
Black 75 2.8%
Latin American 65 2.4%
Arab & West Asian 0 0%
Southeast Asian 105 3.9%
Other 0 0%
Multiracial 10 0.4%
Total visible minority population 495 18.3%
Aboriginal group First Nations 75 2.8%
Métis 165 6.1%
Inuit 0 0%
Aboriginal, n.i.e. 0 0%
Multiple Aboriginal identities 0 0%
Total Aboriginal population 240 8.9%
Total population 2700 100%

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Pan Am Pool


North End Crime Rates [2]
Year Homicide Sexual Assault Shooting Robbery – Commercial Robbery – Non-Commercial Break and Enter – Commercial Break and Enter – Residential Break and Enter – Other Motor Theft – Attempt Motor Theft – Actual
2012 0 0 0 111.1 74.1 111.1 259.3 407.4 74.1 222.2


Between 1976 and the mid-1990s, Winnipeg Videon had their administration and headend offices located at 651 & 657 Stafford St.

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