Gros Ventre Range

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Gros Ventre Range
Sheep Mountain Jackson WY1.jpg
The "Sleeping Indian" on Sheep Mountain
Highest point
Peak Doubletop Peak
Elevation 11,720 ft (3,570 m)
Coordinates 43°20′55″N 110°17′13″W / 43.34861°N 110.28694°W / 43.34861; -110.28694Coordinates: 43°20′55″N 110°17′13″W / 43.34861°N 110.28694°W / 43.34861; -110.28694
Country United States
State Wyoming
Parent range Rocky Mountains

The Gros Ventre Range (/ˌɡr ˈvɑːnt/ groh-VAHNT) is part of the Central Rocky Mountains and is located west of the Continental Divide in U.S. state of Wyoming. The highest summit in the range is Doubletop Peak at 11,720 feet (3,570 m).[1] The Gros Ventre Range is mostly within the Gros Ventre Wilderness of Bridger-Teton National Forest. To the northwest of the range lies the valley known as Jackson Hole. Snow King ski resort is in the range adjacent to the town of Jackson, Wyoming. Also in the Gros Ventre Range is the Gros Ventre landslide, which in 1925 slid down the north slope of Sheep Mountain.

Tallest peaks in the range[edit]

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