Humpy Peak

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Humpy Peak
Humpy Peak in 2007.
Highest point
Elevation 10,875 ft (3,315 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence 9,800 feet (2,987 m) [2]
Coordinates 40°52′12″N 111°00′01″W / 40.870054097°N 111.000366967°W / 40.870054097; -111.000366967Coordinates: 40°52′12″N 111°00′01″W / 40.870054097°N 111.000366967°W / 40.870054097; -111.000366967[1]
Humpy Peak is located in Utah
Humpy Peak
Humpy Peak
Location in Utah
Location Summit County, Utah, U.S.
Parent range Uinta Mountains
Easiest route Hike or private road.
A closer picture of the transmitter site on Humpy Peak in 2007.

Humpy Peak is a peak located in the Uinta Mountain Range in northern Utah. It is approximately 27.56 miles (44 km) south of Evanston, Wyoming and 21.29 miles (34 km) east of Coalville, Utah. The summit has an elevation of 10,875 feet (3,315 m).[2]

Telecommunications tower[edit]

Telecommunications and radio broadcasting occupy the mountains summit. It has a single tower near the summit that broadcasts a variety of signals to the surrounding area. The Utah Communications Agency Network (UCANN) operates a transmitter at the location.[3] The United States Forest Service also operates a transmitter on the mountain.[4]

Radio stations[edit]

The following FM radio stations broadcast their main signals from the tower located on Humpy Peak. Three new stations have construction permits to move to the mountain. Several other FM stations may also be pending moves to the peak.[5]

FM Radio Stations [6]
Call sign Frequency Format
KUTC 95.7 Easy Listening
KZNS-FM 97.5 Regional Mexican
KADQ (CP) 98.3 Classic Rock
KYMV 100.7 Top 40
KEGA 101.5 Country
KDUT 102.3 Regional Mexican
KSQN 103.1 80's New Wave
KNYN 103.9 Country
KNIV 104.7 Regional Mexican
KDWY (CP) 105.5 Country
KBMG 106.3 Spanish Contemporary
KEGH 107.1 Regional Mexican
KUMT 107.9 Top 40

FM stations use Humpy Peak as a transmitter location primarily because of a terrain shadow of nearby Salt Lake City. This allows the stations to drop onto 2nd adjacent frequencies in Salt Lake City, without interfering with other stations in the main market area. All of the stations listed above use booster signals that are synchronized with the main station. These fill in the gaps that the main signal otherwise wouldn't cover well. For example, KSQN has 6 boosters to cover the Salt Lake metro area, which is behind the Wasatch Mountain Range from the main transmitter.[7] Stations like this are generally known as "rimshots."


Humpy Peak is located on the northwestern flank of the Uinta Mountain range in central Summit County. Geology of the peak is common with Uinta Mountain range as well. The peak is accessible via a road on private property, that begins at Utah State Route 150. The peak is 12.74 miles (21 km) from the Mirror Lake recreation site. Because of its height, and the terrain shadow the Wasatch Range provides, Humpy was likely chosen because signals from the peak cover a significant distance, well into Wyoming. This provides Evanston and surrounding communities in southwestern Wyoming with more radio stations. Stations on the peak often can be received as far northeast as Green River, Wyoming.[8]