Dunraven Peak

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Dunraven Peak
Dunraven Peak viewed from Mount Washburn trail.JPG
Dunraven Peak (center), viewed from the Mount Washburn trail
Highest point
Elevation9,869 ft (3,008 m) [1]
Coordinates44°46′58″N 110°28′10″W / 44.78278°N 110.46944°W / 44.78278; -110.46944 (Dunraven Peak)Coordinates: 44°46′58″N 110°28′10″W / 44.78278°N 110.46944°W / 44.78278; -110.46944 (Dunraven Peak)[1]
Dunraven Peak is located in Wyoming
Dunraven Peak
Dunraven Peak
Yellowstone National Park, Park County, Wyoming
Parent rangeWashburn Range
Topo mapMount Washburn

Dunraven Peak el. 9,869 feet (3,008 m) is a mountain peak in the Washburn Range of Yellowstone National Park. In 1874, just two years after the park's creation, the Earl of Dunraven, a titled Englishman made a visit to Yellowstone in conjunction with a hunting expedition led by Texas Jack Omohundro to the Northern Rockies. He was so impressed with the park, that he devoted well over 150 pages to Yellowstone in his The Great Divide, published in London in 1874. The Great Divide was one of the earliest works to praise and publicize the park.

In 1878 during a U.S. Geological Survey of the park, Henry Gannett, a geographer working with the survey, named a peak just two miles southwest of Mount Washburn in the honor of the Earl of Dunraven and the service his book had done for the park. In 1879, Philetus Norris, the park superintendent gave a pass on the Grand Loop Road between Tower and Canyon the name Dunraven Pass because of its proximity to Dunraven Peak.[2]

Duraven Peak's namesake, Earl of Dunraven

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